A couple months ago, I was checking out the Constellation Records website when I saw that the band Godspeed You Black Emperor! was going to be touring during the fall months. If you've been to my site and read through any of the music reviews, you'll find that they're quite possibly my favorite band of the past couple of years. They'd toured the states once before about a year ago, but they were headed out again in support of their new 2CD release Lift Your Skinny Fists Like Antenna To Heaven and I simply had to see them this time around. After looking through the list of tour dates and finding that the closest show they were playing was Chicago (an 8+ hour drive), I set out to find someone who wanted to see them as well. As it turned out, it wasn't too hard.

As with my comments on my other trips, linked words in the body of the trip diary will take you to a picture that I took, along with some witty (or not) commentary. There were only two people who went on the trip, but I might as well introduce them anyway.

The People Involved:
Roger: I've worked with Roger now for over 2 years and he's the only person I know in Lincoln who's as crazy (in a good way) about music as I am. Not only is he a super-cool guy, but he was gracious enough to drive (thanks again!).
Aaron: That would be me. Me would be he.

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