With only a week to go before Labor Day, a couple friends of mine got the idea that a bunch of us should road trip somewhere and go camping for the 3-day weekend. We all met, decided that we could take off Friday as well, and decided on Boulder, Colorado (or the general vicinity anyway) as our general destination for the now 4-day trip for the 6 of us. After lining up the supplies like tents, sleeping bags, a cooler, and some other small necessities, a van was picked out and things fell into place pretty well considering how fast the idea had been brought up.

As with my comments on my last trip, highlighted words will either take you to a picture and commentary that I took (the ones that load with the page header), or will be linked off-site to pictures taken by a friend who also went on the Trip (Kip). Without further ado, I introduce the 6 people who crammed into one minivan for 4 days of driving, camping, hiking, and good food.

The People Involved:
Andrew: The person on the trip whom I've known the longest in Lincoln and a good friend of mine. Not only does he work the same place that I do, but he lives across the street from me and we like many of the same movies. Wacky.
Aimee: I've known her for quite awhile as well, but more recently have actually been chatting with her more (partially due to her and Andrew seeing one another).
Angie: She recently moved to the hood (along with Kip and Andrew and I) and we talk music and politics like nobody's business. I've known her for quite awhile now as well.
Kip: Another member of the Near South Krew, the Notorious K.I.P. does hardcore database coding by day and busts lyrical feats by night.
Amanda: When I met Amanda, she was just a sophomore in college. Now, she's an educator of today's youth. There's no reason to fear that.
Aaron: That's me. Also known as "Big ADHD."

Day 1