As if it hasn’t been abundantly clear, I’m going through a period in my life where I’m feeling the need to say very little. My mind is busy with plenty of activities, and while I haven’t been reading as much as I’d like (still working on a historical book about WWII), this year (and really the past two months or so) have been spent staying on task pretty well. I’ve even managed to somewhat stick to my very loose resolution of wasting less time on the internet while I’m at home in the evenings.

Adding to this feeling has been a fairly cold snap in the weather that we’ve been having. The winter as a whole hasn’t been brutal by any large measure, but we’ve gotten just enough snow and cold that I’m especially inclined to want to sit at home in the evenings with dogs on my lap and a glass of wine beside me while I work on writing/mixing/etc.

I’ll snap out of it once the ice falls off my fingertips.