As you can tell by the picture, everything around here is green right now. No color adjustment was needed. Our garden is just getting started, but I’m very, very excited about it this year. We’re trying lots of new things (including pumpkins and tomatillos) as well as the old familiar classics, so here’s hoping for fresh veggies in couple months time.

Elsa and Zoey in the grass

In the past two weeks, TG and I have spent a lot of time out in the yard. The first couple times we were out, it was mainly spring cleanup efforts, picking up leaves that had blown into the yard and trimming back dead stuff. Lately, though, we’ve been on a planting spree, and with garden centers putting out their wares, we couldn’t resist this weekend.

After buying some lumber and dirt yesterday, I spent a lot of time putting in yet another raised bed in our backyard. Our main bed last year was slightly under a tree, and some of the things we planted didn’t do quite as well as we’d have liked them to, so we decided to just start another. After it was all put in the ground, we planted two tomato plants, four green pepper plants, one red pepper plant, two hot pepper plants, two basil plants, two rows of carrots, four lettuce plants and some more strawberries.

In addition to those, TG started some seeds about two weeks ago and we now have several sprouts growin, including pumpkins, cucumbers, more basil, and eggplants. Compost and egg shells have been mixed into the ground and basically we’re ready for stuff to take off. Pictures will be taken as things start to really grow.

With the nice weather, I’ve also moved away from exercising on the elliptical trainer and have again started strapping on my rollerblades and hitting the trail. I haven’t been quite as diligent as I’d like, but I’m already up to almost 200 miles rollerbladed for the year so far. Weight is still sitting at right around 194, and I’m feeling allright (despite getting a bit red from being out in the sun too long).

Over the course of the past week or so, it has turned into that time of year where if we’re not attentively listening to the radio to inform ourselves of severe weather, we’re outside in the yard working on things. After the nice rains in the past week, everything is growing and blooming and while it makes for some sniffly days due to allergies, I also enjoy getting out and breathing it all in.

We have approximately 5 different colors of tulips coming up, our magnolia tree is about to bloom, the chives are already staking out a 2 foot diameter circle in our herb garden, and I can see sprouts coming up for both garlic and onions in the garden where random bulbs decided to come up. In addition, some planters where TG started some seeds are just poking sprouts through in places and our once dead and brown yard is almost completely filled in and lush green. Heck, even the one evergreen we thought had died over the winter has gotten all the color back and is now thriving. We have bleeding hearts blooming in the front yard, and the lilacs are flowering in back.

And yes, I realize how useless all of the above is without any pictures. They’ll be added shortly, I promise.