Open All Night 

Day 2:
After sleeping in for just a slight bit and having some breakfast, I got back in the truck and headed downtown again. After discovering that the Interactive schedules had still not arrived, I set out on foot for some different music stores and ended up walking all over downtown (for a total of about 6 miles or so). It was fun to get out and walk around the town a bit on foot and it helped me get a little more oriented with things in my head.

I walked back to the convention center just in time for the Scott Mcloud interview and ran into tons of people that I hadn't yet seen. I talked to Paul, and met Matt and Kylee for the first time, among other people. Lots of people were doing different things for dinner, so I again set off on foot for the GDS+M opening party. I'd heard there would be tasty free food, and I figured another mile walking wouldn't hurt me.

On the way there, I pulled out my camera and took several pictures of buildings that stuck out against the somewhat foreboding sky. I also found a little construction walkway that I liked and snapped a (warning) self-portrait.

Finally, I arrived at the rather nice GDS+M advertising agency and the schmooze-fest that was the opening party there. They had all kinds of tasty food, so I scooped up a platefull and deposited myself off to the side and looked for people who looked vaguely familiar. Eventually, I started meeting people whom I sort of knew from the web and got to talking even more. Just because I'm silly like that, I took yet one more self-portrait.

At that point, I hopped in with some other people and went to an open-mic/performance thingy called "Pretty Boys Doing Things" in which Dakota and Andy performed music, read, and basically just acted silly. It was also at this time that I met Derek, Heather, Lance, Bryan, Andre, and tons of other people for the first time.

After hanging out for awhile and chatting with yet more people, a pile of us then jumped into Nicks truck and he dropped us off at my truck and then we went to a party at Lane and Courtney's house. There, I talked with Jason finally and met Meg.

After a midnight snack at a diner that was playing Tortoise's new album Standards, I dropped people off in some different locations and again made my way back to Pfugerville (don't you just dig saying that?).

Day 3