Open All Night 

Day 3:
After going to bed really late (early?), sleep won out in being weighed against the keynote speech. I had some breakfast and took off downtown for a day full of panels. Sat in at least 4 different discussions over the course of the day (and broke it up with a big pretzel for lunch), then went to dinner at a Mexican restaurant with Christine, Lisann, and Bryan.

After dinner, we swung downtown again and went to the SXSW web awards, which were standing room only, but fun for the short duration. Once they broke, everyone that I was with were in agreement to head to the Fray Cafe, which was only about 6 blocks away. Once we'd arrived, the place was already packed completely and people were standing outside and sitting on the deck. Just as I was walking inside, I caught a glimpse of someone wearing one of my t-shirts and about flipped out. Then I realized that I had indeed sent one to Beth who lived in Austin and we chatted for awhile.

After hanging out there for awhile, a group of people and I decided that we'd swing by the Frog Design party a couple blocks away, since we'd heard it was usually quite an event. Once we got there, there was plenty of things to see (including two different bands), but not a lot of excitement for those who didn't want to talk over loud music or not be flooded with crazy lighting. Of course, I took advantage of that lighting and snapped pictures of Kylee and Lisann and Christine. I also snapped one more of Christine proving that she's an outlaw in Texas. On our way down in the elevator, we had a spontaneous mirror moment.

We all walked back to the Fray Cafe again and once we got there, I saw Ryan and had to get a picture with him since we're both about the same height and I'm silly like that. The place was still just about as packed as it had been when we left, but we managed to find random seating in different places and watch a lot more reading and performances (including a very excellent acapella song from a fellow from Glasgow). The night may or may not have ended with me reading the journal of a monkey named Joey.

Day 4