Day 1:
Like I manage to do on all mornings that I'm leaving on vacation, I got up much earlier than I really needed to. We weren't leaving until 10am, but I had my alarm set for 7 and only hit the snooze button a couple times before dragging myself up for some breakfast and juice. Knowing I probably wouldn't be eating much until we got into camp later that day, I had a huge meal, then ran to the post office to mail something before coming home and checking my e-mail one last time.

After I'd done all that, it was still only 9, so I laid down on my bed and somehow managed to drift off while June of 44's "Sharks and Sailors" was playing on my stereo (if you've heard the track, you should be surprised as I was to find out that someone could sleep to it). Eventually, I decided to get up again, and read a little bit until I got the call from Andrew that we were ready to pack the van.

I grabbed my three bags and headed across the street to his apartment, where I promptly found his living room full of stuff and Aimee talking about how there was no way we'd fit everything in the minivan. Once it arrived with Kip, Amanda, and Angie's stuff already shoved in, I believed her. We unloaded everything onto the grass and pondered things for a moment before finally managing to cram everything inside somehow.

We got on the road by just after 11am and were on our way in good time. Conversation was steady for nearly the entire 7 hour trip (with only one stop for gas), partially motivated by The Book Of Questions and The Book Of Questions: Love and Sex. Needless to say, we all learned some rather interesting things about one another and smart-assed comments were dropped whenever humanly possible. We also saw some nice clouds.

When we got to Longmont (just up the road from Boulder), we decided to find a camping spot, so we secured a place at a campground that was situated between a strip mine, a field full of junk, a highway, and a pasture full of carnivorous prairie dogs (OK, so I can't completely qualify that last one, but I'm serious about everything else).

After getting the tents set up, we went into town to get water and other supplies, then we stopped by what was possibly the largest liquor store that I've ever been in. It was like the mega-mall of liquor stores, and we saw every size, shape, and cost of liquor bottle there to prove it (from 2 dollar 'airline' bottles of Jack Daniels to specially packaged 80 dollar flasks of tequilia).

We went back to camp, stoked up a small fire (it was allowed in a small metal enclosure) to cook our pasta, and everyone had a basically just chilled out. The rest of the night was spent chatting, taking some pictures of fire dancing (I discovered my interest in gathering kindling), and wondering just how many people would pile out of the bitchin' El Camino that pulled into the camp next to us. Finally, everyone decided to turn in for the evening and drew straws to see which unlucky person would have to share a tent with me. Unfortunately for her, Angie lost and had to put up with my blathering on while tipsy before falling asleep.

Day 2