Setting down my supplies, I decided to start with the upper corners of the room with the dustmop. With several sweeps of the broom, I demolished what was probably several months work by ambitious spiders, then swept everything down another level from off the top of the windowsills. By the time everything reached the floor, there was a discernable ring on the floor by the walls from where I had brought everything down with the mop. Moving across the floor, I quickly finished off that room and the next.

By this point, dust was flying everywhere and I had accumulated quite a pile to show for my work. I picked up the dustpan and swept it all in, then deposited the light contents in the trash bag that had been hanging from the back pocket of my pants. I then went back into all the rooms with a bit of window cleaner and the sun made its presence known more with every swipe.

With the majority of the surface mess gone from the floors, I went back into the same room with the mop slightly dampened to give everything a final going-over before I started in on the bathrooms. Shiny wood floor glistened underneath as my mop head moved back and forth, and for the first time since I had looked at the place it was actually starting to seem like something I could live in. Not only was the sunlight barreling in through the windows now, but it was now shining off the floor and brightening up the place even more. I could still see a few particles floating through the air occasionally, but it was nothing out of the ordinary.