With the wood-floors clean, I then took on the vinyl surfaces of the kitchen and bathroom. Fortunately, they didn't need nearly as much work, and by the time I had finished scrubbing out the shower and toilet it still hadn't reached noon. I had finished even faster than I thought that I would. As I left to go back to my place, I looked back in through the door at the apartment and smiled. It looked completely different than it had about 5 days earlier and I couldn't wait to finally get things arranged and settled.

Instead of taking the rest of the day off, I decided that it would probably save me a lot of stress if I went ahead and moved the majority of my things into the apartment that night, then started early the next morning with unpacking and settling into the place before I slept there for the first time that night. With help from a couple friends, I managed to move everything but a duffel-bag of clothes and toiletries and a sleeping bag into the place before it had even gotten dark.

After going out with those that had helped me (and treating them to a few drinks), I came back to my old place and lay in the middle of the bare room on my sleeping bag. A friend offered to let me sleep on his couch, but I decided that it would be good for me to spend one last night lying there on the floor before I said goodbye to the place that I had spent nearly the last 2 years of my life. It was still my apartment in a way, but it felt eerie laying there in the dark and hearing noises that I hadn't remembered hearing when my possessions filled the spaces and muffled things. Now, every little noise seemed to amplify across the bare floors and directly into my ears. They'd been there all along, I just hadn't noticed them. Eventually, they just soothed me as I fell asleep.