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Ear Piercing Fun!

Third Eye Foundation
Sound Of Violence EP

This four-track single/EP is the the postlude to the debut album proper Ghost of Third Eye Foundation. Matt Elliot, former Flying Saucer Attack member, and the man behind the mess, ripped out things in a flourish with this almost 25 minute effort while introducing a wicked new sound. If you haven't heard anything by the group before, a possibly explanation is to take creepy, disembodied voices, heavily filtered claustrophobic sounds, and tweaked-out drill and bass beats. Now, put them all in a blender with another blop of swirling noise and you might have something close to what this sounds like.

As always, the track titles have a great deal to do with the music that you'll find on the disc, and "A Name For My Pain," "Sound Of Violence," and "Corpses (version)" are no exception. The cover of the disc conveys the bleak sense of humour as well, with a photo of a European funeral parlor with the name "Jolly's." This is definitely not music for the masses, but will probably appeal to noise fans and those looking for something different. Although it isn't as solid as the full-length releases, it is the chronicle of the beginning of the sound, and what a wicked one it is.

Rating: 5