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Clang Bang Slang And Fuzz

Third Eye Foundation

Admittingly, the first that I'd heard of this group is through a remix that they did on Mogwai's Kicking A Dead Pig release. It was moody and I liked it even better than the original, but I didn't really think about the group anymore until I saw the disc at the music store one day. I didn't really have any idea what they sounded like, but I decided to go ahead and take the chance and buy it. Upon first listen, it really didn't do a whole lot for me, but every subsequent time I've popped it into the CD player, it's grown on me more and more.

The music itself is electronic in that it is probably created on a computer with samples and sequencers and the lot. Finding a specific niche within the genre is something that's a little more difficult to do. The seven songs on the album are all heavily-layered tracks, and several of them have beats, but the music is really unlike other things I've heard. The sounds used to create the mood all carry a somewhat dreary and abrasive sound, but they all have their own subtle qualities. Most of them sound like they were at one point a normal sound, but have been completely distorted out of context with filtering and other methods to create a more haunting effect. Although it isn't as experimental as some work that I've heard, it definitely pushes more towards the noise side of electronic work in structure and tone. It's harsh and subtle at the same time. With song titles like, "The Star's Gone Out," and, "I've Seen The Light And It's Dark," it isn't exactly an uplifting album, but it will make you enjoy your dark side even more. Sinister and Good

Rating: 7.5