Aaron just started up with the whole website thing, but he's taking off with a sprinter's speed. Surprisingly (or not), we began talking at a music store, and found out we had more in common than a mutual tendency to spend too much of our money on said music. Andrew used to live across the street, but now he lives across the country in Portland. We share a taste for cheesy movies. Mouser was my roomate my sophomore and junior years of college and I think we clicked just about as well as roomates possibly could have. He likes the blip, blip, bleep music too and he's also a crazy physics guy and globetrotter. I've known Jason since my sophomore year of college. We played IM basketball together and used to get into little friendly fights all the time (with someone getting hurt accidentally most of the time).

Through my site, I've managed to meet (through e-mail) some very amazing people that I wish I could hang out with in real life. One of them is Tina, who resides in Vancouver B.C. Jessie lives in San Franciso and has many fun adventures, and takes very nice pictures. Christine also lives out in sunny (sometimes) California and writes lots and paints nicely. Paul takes very nice pictures as well and offers up words of ancient wisdom.

Music Sites
Not a week is complete unless I drop by a couple times. They have tons and tons of information on the artists that I like the most, as well as release date information and more. While I enjoy writing music reviews, I also enjoy reading them. I usually make a daily stop over at Pitchfork music reviews, as well as a weekly trip to Splendid E-Zine, and Opuszine (who also resides in Lincoln, how's that for chance?) If I'm looking for information on a specific label, I go straight to the motherlode at the ultimate music label list.

Movie Sites
I'm also kind of a movie freak, so I try to stop by Ain't It Cool and Corona almost every day. I also enjoy reading Jeffrey Wells' Hollywood Confidential column at Reel.

Other sites I check every day are Metafilter, and the Cruel Site Of The Day.

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