I used to have all kinds of extra information about each section of the site here, but I took it down because I felt it was too redundant and yet another damn thing to keep updating. Clicking around the site will give you all the information you need to know anyway.

If you want to know the behind-the-scenes information on the site, I use Homesite and Photoshop to put together just about everything on here, in combination with a cheap scanner, a Lomo camera, a Fujipix 4700, a Nickelodeon Photoblaster, and random other cameras for image creation.

If you want to find more information about me personally or links that I enjoy, the respective links are above. So get out of here already. And enjoy. Or email me.

Oh, and just in case you were wondering, all images and words on this site (except the individual stories and photos in Lesion Legion and album covers in the Music Reviews section) are copyright 1997-2002 Aaron Coleman.

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