Title and date of releaseQuick summary of piece
Destruction Grinning - 04.21.02Tale of youth. Again.
Saturday Night to Monday Morning - 04.08.02More writing fun from the midwest.
Surface Dive - 04.03.02A day at the pool.
Courthouse Blues - 03.13.02I write about my first jury duty.
Like Silly Putty - 02.18.02A state of the site address.
600 Reviews And Rambling - 08.20.01The music review section is huge. True.
The Photo Bust Project - 05.28.01I'm not giving up on things, just cutting my losses.
Please Drive Safely - 03.26.01I witnessed a wicked accident lately. Scary.
A Sense A Day - 03.05.01A year (and a couple months) of sensory logging.
Pickup Of Pron - 02.26.01The story of the first time I saw a nudie mag.
My Fave Movies Of 2000 - 02.12.01Just as it says. Just as it says.
The Year That Was - 02.05.01Reflecting on the year 2000.
Slowing To A Walk - 01.07.01This section is going sporatic.
The Living Room Rocket - 12.25.00A holiday story from youth.
Skid Zing Zoom - 12.18.00I had a little accident in my car.
Life Sketches - 12.11.00Little short bits from life. Easily digestible.
Pre Photo Show Thoughts - 12.04.00I'm having a photo show in 1.5 weeks. For real.
Things I've Learned From Having A Website - 11.27.00Number 200! Bring It! I blather about my site!
Yes, It's Perception - 11.20.00How do I come across on the site?
Starting The Second Quarter - 11.13.00Birthday time again. I tell what happened this year.
Not Scared Of The Dark - 11.06.00I write about when I first got interested in things that scared me.
Happy Belated B-Day Whatever! - 10.30.00Over 3 years of writing for this section. I look back.
6 Year Circle - 10.23.00Psychology and friends and conversations. Huh?
Is Real Really Real - 10.16.00I talk about real life friendships and e-mail ones.
Rambling About Passion - 10.09.00Either insight or pure rubbish. I'll let you decide.
Alone And Learning Still - 10.02.00Being co-dependent versus being myself.
Re:(Elation?)ship Thoughts Part 4 - 09.25.00Even more of the pieces you enjoy/dislike.
Politics Schmolitics - 09.18.00My history of voting and why it changed this year.
Like A Bee - 09.11.00I say that I've been busy and now I explain it.
My Life As A Super-Spy - 09.04.00A dream entry. Nobody will mistake this for real.
I've Also Been Known To Ramble - 08.28.00Just as the titled states.
No More Meat - 08.21.00I'm going vegetarian. For real.
About The Photo Trust Project - 08.14.00The newest addition to the site explained.
I'll Say It Again - 08.07.00Sometimes I write fiction. In this section.
Am I Getting Too Personal? - 07.31.00I ask myself this question, but don't really get a distinct answer.
Awake And Decide - 07.24.00Deciding on the more difficult option.
One Year Of Dot Org - 07.17.00I've officially been doing the site for a year. Exciting.
That Damn Distance Thing - 07.10.00E-mail is cool, but then you want to meet the person behind it.
More Answers Revealed! - 07.03.00I answer more questions submitted by readers.
Return Of The Q/A Session - 06.26.00Ask me more questions and I'll answer them.
Re:(Elation?)ship Thoughts Part 3 - 06.19.00Yes, I have a lot of fun doing these.
Cut Into My Body - 06.12.00A chronicle of the times I've been under the knife.
Nerd Camp And A Girl - 06.05.00I'm stupid about my first crush.
Re:(Elation?)ship Thoughts Part 2 - 05.29.00More little morsels about relationships or lack thereof.
A Town And A Name - 05.22.00Taking you back in the day with a story about my hometown.
Dissed By The Man - 05.15.00I did a "pre-interview" for a job, but not very well.
Delusions And Hope - 05.08.00Everybody wants to be good at something.
A Little Luck Keeps Me Breathing - 05.01.003 short stories of possible fatality or maiming.
Answering The Tough Questions - 04.24.00Step right up for answers revealed.
Go Ahead And Ask - 04.17.00Could be opening a can of worms with this one.
Nothing To Do But Laugh - 04.10.00Yet more relationship stuff.
Re:(Elation?)ship Thoughts - 04.03.00Bitter and cynical-free thoughts on relationships.
Blog Blog Blog - 03.27.00A humor piece on weblogs, even though I don't have one? Yup.
What's In A Name? - 03.20.00I explain the name of my site in more detail.
Pedal Power - 03.13.00I've finally started biking to work. I've found it's great.
Holes In Flesh - 03.06.00How I got my ears pierced.
Rip-Off Or Not? - 02.28.00Looking for reader opinions on intellectual property.
Sledding Past Midnight - 02.21.00After the late movie, some friends and I hit the slopes.
Valentines Day Musings - 02.14.00Ain't talkin' bout love.
The Website And Why - 02.07.00A friends asks me why I do this site. I respond.
The Cold Hard Truth - 01.31.00Is a critique creative? Should I care?
Meeting People Is Easy - 01.24.00I try to break out of my shy shell.
The Deep Blue Funk - 01.17.00A relationship ends. I talk about it a bit.
My Fave Movies Of 1999 - 01.10.00Self-explanitory
525600 Minutes of My Life - 01.03.00How I fared with my resolutions for 1999.
Chill Makes Me Smile - 12.27.99I seem to like the winter months more, and this is why.
Hometown Folklore - 12.20.99A high-school story about a late night and me getting scared shitless.
Going Grassroots Style - 12.13.99I printed promotional stickers for my website. I am a nerd.
Unplugging Myself - 12.06.99I finally took some vacation to go snowboarding. Whee.
100 Minutes Of Crazed Lunacy - 11.29.99I got drunk and threw up. A rare occassion, so I wrote about it.
Coming Home To Crispy-ness - 11.22.99My apartment came close to burning. This is what happened.
Winding Up And Letting Fly - 11.15.99A story about Phys Ed class in Junior High. Chuckle.
Showing My Age - 11.08.99I turned 25 recently. These are memories of b-days past.
Picking And Choosing Memories - 11.01.99I try to keep almost all letters I recieve. Almost.
Mother Nature Strikes Back - 10.25.99An apocolyptic rant? Not quite sure.
Giving It Up A Bit - 10.18.99This is a story of me giving some to a charity.
Ra Freakin' Ra - 10.11.99I went to a big college football game. It was crazy so I wrote about it.
Oh My Ouchness - 10.04.99A bee stung me on the inside of the lip. It hurt like a mofo.
2 Whole Years! - 09.27.99The two year point of writing these things. I list my favorites thusfar.
Outside Ambience - 09.20.99Sounds drift in through my open window and I am moved.
Brainwashed By Nature - 09.13.99Jogging along cliffs in foreign countries. Adventure and introspection.
Not Clumsy, Just Tired - 09.06.99I bleed all over a racquetball court and laugh the whole time.
Stayin' Pasty - 08.30.99I was dilligent with the sunscreen this last summer. I'm glad I was.
My Porcelain Smile - 08.23.99I once chipped my tooth in half. This is the story.
Lightening The Load - 08.16.99Student loans go bye-bye. I'm a happy camper.
Trail Riding Adventures - 08.09.99These are some wacky things that happened to me while biking.
Watching My Bug Karma - 08.02.99I think this really exists. In fact, I'm almost sure of it.
Raspberry Tea - 07.26.99Tipsy-ness, make-out sessions, and much more. A rare occassion.
Stop Me Please, I'm Speaking Jibberish- 07.19.99My fear of my own body odor. Yes, I'm strange.
Shall We Begin? - 07.12.99I found a television in my alley. It was my first one.
Sit and Tuck - 07.03.99A story of a long time ago and a large storm that rolled through.
Eat Concrete - 06.27.99A story about nearly dislocating a shoulder while rollerblading.
Back To The Drawing Board - 06.20.99Developments on changes I was making on the site.
Road Ragin' - 06.13.99I yelled at an old lady while driving. It was an accident, I swear.
I Need Your Help - 06.06.99Lesion Legion still needs your help. Go there soon.
Yet Another Thing To Try - 05.31.99I bought rollerblades. They're very fun.
Bonding With The Volvo - 05.24.99I need to listen to my cars needs.
And I Said I Wouldn't Do It - 05.17.99I installed a game on my computer. Someone smack me, please.
A Little Social Engineering Goes A Long Way - 05.10.99I work the system after someone upsets me.
A Dose Of Vulnerability - 05.03.99My dad had heart surgery. It scared me quite a bit.
Saturated Beyond The Point Of Capacity - 04.26.99The media pisses me off sometimes. Ugh.
Fever Dreams - 04.19.99I got very sick and was near hallucinatory states. Whoa.
Becoming Ebay's Beeatch - 04.12.99Yeah, I got hooked for awhile. Just like everyone else.
Ha-Ha, Just Kidding - 04.05.99I was going to take a break from writing, but decided not to.
Signing Off For Awhile - 03.29.99I thought I was going to take a break. It didn't last (see above).
Dumpster Diving Is Fun! - 03.22.99Self-explanitory. Really, it is.
One Black Glove - 03.15.99I lost a glove of mine outside in the city. I found it again somehow.
Suicidal Fruit - 03.08.99Actually, I was an accessory to this crime. Kinda like Gallagher.
Just Enough Time To Enjoy It - 03.01.99It snowed a lot. I went out running through it.
Hitting Bottom (But Bouncing Upward) - 02.22.99A personal ad online. You betcha!
Breaking The Crutch - 02.15.99I stopped using my asthma inhaler out of the blue. For good.
The Great Soda Debacle Of 1999 - 02.08.99Too much soda. Not enough rest-stops.
Not Twisted, Just A Little Kinked - 02.01.99I write down goofy things sometimes. These are some.
Sneaking Out And Around - 01.25.99A story of a teenage excursion one night.
Arrive And Depart - 01.18.99A little memoir about observation of airport life.
Pre-Millenium Improvements - 01.11.99My resolutions for 1999.
Another 8760 Hours - 01.04.99How I fared on my 1998 resolutions.
Take A Look, It's In A Book - 12.28.98I read 52 books in 1998. I talk about it here.
Guilty As Charged - 12.21.98A story of youth and getting in trouble.
3 Quick Dialogues - 12.14.98Partially fictional quick dialogues. Slightly interesting.
A Night Ride - 12.07.98Skateboarding late at night. A wipeout. Reflection.
The Big Day - 11.30.98The biggest shopping day of the year. It sucked.
Phantom Menace Madness - 11.23.98My thoughts 6 months before it arrived in theaters.
Armchair Dork - 11.16.98I won a pizza from a sports show because I made them laugh.
Thoughts On My 24th B-Day - 11.09.98Turning 24 years old.
Binge And Purge - 11.02.98Another kid story. Eating too much and tossing it.
Spreading Myself Thin - 10.26.98I've written for a couple other sites too.
The Not-So Secret Life Of Me - 10.19.98I kept a journal for awhile. It didn't last.
1.81 Kilograms Of Sugar - 10.12.98A strange piece inspired by a walk to the grocery store.
Life Without Television - 10.05.98I didn't own a television for awhile. Quite awhile.
You Can Take It With You, But Why? - 09.28.98A rant on organ donation.
The Ride - 09.21.9852 miles biked in one day. A record for me.
Here We Go - 09.14.98Worries about 1999 over a year early? Weird again.
In Praise Of The Sophists - 09.07.98I wish I could speak more elegently.
Fun With Band Names - 08.31.98Dumb. Silly. Not very original. Kinda funny, though.
12 Months Of Madness - 08.24.98A year of writing passed. Reflections on it.
Book 'Em Danno - 08.17.98I like to read. If I get the chance.
Tectonic Music - 08.10.98The progression of music that I've listened to.
Strange Sleep Accompaniment - 08.03.98A bizzare dream I had. Kind of creepy, actually.
Taking A Hit - 07.27.98Hit by a car while biking? You bet!!
An Exercise In Masochism - 07.20.98I went out for football in high-school. I got pummeled.
I'm Having Abdominal Pains - 07.17.98I had a surgery. This is the story.
Good, Clean (Kind Of) Fun - 07.13.98A story of seduction. I was seduced.
More Guestbook Responses - 07.06.98I used to have a guestbook. I responded to entries.
Don't Make Me Decide - 06.29.98A story inspired by grocery shopping. Wacky.
No More No More - 06.22.98I quit a job, but was quite nervous doing it.
Music Madness? - 06.15.98Test your music addiction level.
Spring Is Here Again - 06.08.98The first really warm day of the year.
thought-chain #3 - 06.01.98The last of three writing experiments.
I'm Really Stupid Sometimes - 05.25.98Weird story. Not sure of inspiration.
Prone To Bicycle Wipeouts - 05.18.98I biked a lot when I was a kid. Wrecked a lot too.
Gods and Dogs - 05.11.98I met and talked to an old man with advanced Alzheimers.
Journal Bits - 05.04.98Little jottings of mine explained in full.
Just A Bit Nervous - 04.27.98I'm being ambiguous on purpose.
I Didn't Mean To Be Mean - 04.20.98Sometimes well-intentioned plans go awry.
A Comfortable Seat - 04.13.98A trip to a fast food restaurant. Weird goings-on.
The Condo Run - 04.06.98My first time buying condoms. Heh.
Playing "Hut-Hut" - 04.03.98An invention of a game. A trip to the principals office.
High-School Basketball Memoirs - 03.30.98Exactly what it says. Hilarity ensues.
Making A Beverage (duh) - 03.27.98Step by step breakdown of making Kool-Aid.
thought-chain #2 - 03.23.98The second try at a writing experiment.
thought-chain #1 - 03.20.98The first try at a writing experiment.
Sorry, Bambi - 03.17.98I hit a deer with my old car. It wasn't pretty.
Setting Some Things Straight - 03.13.98Responses to my old guestbook (RIP).
Media Overload Affects Subconscious - 03.09.98A dream with the Titanic. Stop the insanity.
I Must Be Getting Old - 03.06.98I used to mosh, but I don't anymore.
Yakkity Yak - 03.03.98Depression fueled alcohol binge and purge. I'm not smart.
The Cardigan - 02.20.98A nice, happy story. One of my favorites.
An Experience With Alcohol - 02.16.98Now this was some fun with alcoholic beverages.
Crush-O-Rama - 02.13.98I'm too old for this. OK, maybe never too old, actually.
Pick It Up, Pick It Up - 02.09.98I pick up garbage a lot. Sometimes I find things.
A Sly Little Trick - 02.06.98Movie soundtracks as marketing scams.
A Normal Discussion - 02.02.98A talk about suicide methods? You know you've had one too.
The Name Game - 01.30.98A funny childhood story. A favorite. True.
Rotating The Platter - 01.26.98Vinyl cuts run smoother sometimes.
Good Old V-Day - 01.23.98A bitter look at the (practically) national holiday.
Fun With Fake Blood (Part 1) - 01.19.98In college, hungry and bored one night.
Another 365 days - 01.16.98My first ever new years resolutions. Bear with me.
Opening The Archives - 01.12.98An old dark and twisted piece from college writing.
Short and Whiny - 01.09.98Feeling inferior and whining about it for a bit.
Country Hospitality - 01.05.98A drive on icy roads. An adventure.
It's My Party And I'll Lie If I Want To - 12.29.97An explanation of this section and what I want to do.
Down For The Count - 12.22.97A story about a jealous guy and feeling his wrath.
I Feel Kinda Funky - 12.19.97Marathon dancing is a lot of fun. Good for you, too.
Reverting Again - 12.15.97Like, totally crushed out. Oh my gawd.
Running Rampant (Imaginations) - 12.12.97Another funny story of youth.
I'll Knock It Since I Tried It - 12.08.97I went to a mainstream club. Note title.
Anesthesia Rocks! - 12.05.97Another story about surgery (I've had 8 now).
Face Value - 12.01.97Getting dissed by a girl. It's not uncommon.
Pow, Boom, Bang - 11.28.97The day that I stopped lighting fireworks.
Ruining A Otherwise Nice Hike - 11.24.97Thoughts on hunting while younger.
Random Act Of Outgoing-ness - 11.21.97A long time ago, I asked a girl out.
Gonna Make You Sweat - 11.17.97I had one re-occurring nightmare as a child. This was it.
Moment Of Brightness - 11.14.97A girl gave me her number once. Once.
Silly Little Machine - 11.10.97My work computer breaks. I'm left twiddling my thumbs.
Progression Of My Dancing - 11.07.97Self explanitory. No lie.
Another Car Story - 11.03.97A funny (and true) solution to car dent repair.
Surreal Biscuit - 10.31.97A strange college Spring Break journey.
What A Pile - 10.29.97Adventures on a snowpile when young. Blood and claustrophobia.
Not Quite Swan Lake - 10.27.97Wrecking bike. Dislocating shoulder. Ouch.
Swinging Back vs Shutting Up - 10.24.97When losing complacentcy sometimes you lose other things.
A Fresh Perspective - 10.20.97I used to be ultra-competitive. I calmed down a bit.
Don't Stand So Close To Me - 10.17.97Uncomfortable around others? I feel for you.
Anyone For An INTJ? - 10.13.97Meyers Briggs says it makes up less than 1% of the population.
A Few Words On Regret - 10.10.97As the title states, I discuss regret.
Cut It Up Fella - 10.06.97Self inflicted wounds to instigate mental healing? I guess so.
Brain In A Cuisinart - 10.03.97Dreams mistaken with reality. It's happened.
Realizing Pretensions - 09.29.97People stare sometimes. I try not to.
Seems Like A Dream - 09.26.97A nice story about a very chance meeting. One of my faves.
Why'd You Have To Go And Say That? - 09.22.97Still an interesting piece to me. I hold my tongue.
One More Time, With Feeling - 09.19.97A two-hour make-out fling? I can't believe it either.
Boring Cooking Observations - 09.15.97Exactly what it says. Not super-boring, though.
So Long Sucker! - 09.12.97A true, semi-gross story about golfing.
Commencing Phase 03 - 09.07.97Everyone goes through phases with friends. I try to explain it.
Reverse Mohawks Sell Records - 09.03.97Electronic music musings and an eerie prediction about Aphex Twin.
That's A Record I'd Be Proud Of - 08.26.97A party with keg stands? Dude! No way!
Come Up For Air Once In Awhile - 08.25.97A rant about PDA. My first piece for this section.