Spreading Myself Thin - 10.26.98

Over the course of the just over the past year or so, I've pounded out quite a few pieces of writing for this site. Although it's been a lot of fun, it's also been something that's kept me on my toes quite a bit and there have been some weeks where I've been in danger of missing an update deadline. While this doesn't really present a problem (as I doubt my three readers would be up in arms about it), I think that I would feel like I'd been slacking off if I didn't put something new up at least once a week. I guess I could blame it all on my anal side, or I could chalk another one up to working for a newspaper for 4 years (and trying to make weekly deadlines), but in the end, it all kind of comes back around to feeling lame if I can't come up with something new every week.

Which brings me to the point of all this. I had a really busy week and just didn't get the chance to sit down and write anything. When I finally did plop in front of my computer with my hands in "go" position, my brain was simply stuck in neutral. It wasn't that I wasn't thinking anything, or didn't have tons of story ideas that needed written down, but I just didn't really feel like doing it. My eyes hurt and my head was clogged with other thoughts and I just didn't want to come up with something original.

Instead, I did the next best thing (I guess) and decided to take the stance that NBC (note: I still don't own a TV, I just knew their campaign) did with marketing their re-runs last winter. So, without further ado, I present "If You Haven't Read It, It's New To You." Instead of delving into old pieces of writing that I've done for this site, though, I'm going off-grounds for once. The four pieces of w riting that are linked below are pieces that I've done for other sites out their on the web (whether they be for friends or other) in the past year or so. It isn't new material to speak of, but (minus one exception) it hasn't appeared on this site in any form yet.

Last summer, my friend Mouser had a section going on his website called Bombast. It was basically a section where he (and others) ranted about whatever things ticked them off (hence the title) and then readers could vote on which ones they liked the best. It was a fun deal and I got involved with an essay on why I didn't own a television. I later re-wrote that piece and posted it on this site.

Another good friend of mine, Jason also asked me if I would write something up for his site last year. He put together a slick little piece in which ten different writers discussed their beliefs on whether or not God exists and I was fortunate to be included in the bunch with my thoughts (no matter how convoluted).

A couple months ago, I discovered the site called bittersweets and I was totally hooked for some reason. It appealed to my formerly reclusive romantic side and it got to be a site that I tried to check out every once in awhile. I also got inspired to join in on the fun and got an entry accepted.

It wasn't too long ago that I found the site Prolific.org, but as soon as I stumbled onto their section entitled Croon, I knew I had to contribute. Being the music nut that I am, I have a song and an album for every occassion and the only hard thing was deciding which memory I should submit. I decided to go with a goofy one and it got accepted and posted. Fun for everyone and a laugh at my expense.

So, I'm still sorry that I don't have anything new for this week, but if you manage to plow through all of the above, then you've already made it farther than I thought. Anyway, if you have a site and need contributors, mail me and I'll be glad to do something (whether it be a music review or anything else). Meanwhile, I'll keep plodding along here.