Fun With Band Names - 08.31.98

Shame on me. The one year anniversary for the site roles around and I already start slacking off. Anyway, this following piece is an old humor piece I came up with for an April Fools Day issue of my college paper. It's a very simple premise really, and involves bands that I think should tour together (mainly for goofy name reasons, but there are other inclusions as well). If you come up with any that need added to the list, let me know and I might add your suggestion (and a link if you want one). And yes, these really are all bands (although many of them may have broken up).

Bands Who Should Tour Together

The Breeders and Offspring
Hammer and Nine Inch Nails
Hum and Come
Pavement and Gravel Pit
They Might Be Giants and The Killer Dwarfs
KISS and The Supersuckers
The Figgs and Wayne Newton
Dada and Man Ray
Lemonheads and Jawbreaker
Ash and Crumb
Smoking Popes and Nuns With Guns
Drill Team and Die Cheerleader
The Swans and The Eagles
Lamb and Slaughter
U2 and US3
The Cavemen and Dinosaur Jr.
Nirvana and Suicidal Tendencies
The Eagles and The Black Crowes
Weezer and Soul Coughing
Urge Overkill and Megadeth
Modest Mouse and RATT
Bush and Hole
Salt N Pepa and Sugar
Live and The Grateful Dead
Jesus Jones and Bad Religion
Danzig and Amy Grant
The B-52's and Jefferson Airplaine
Snoop Doggy Dogg and Steppenwolf
Silk and Suede
Red Hot Chili Peppers and The Flaming Lips
Sick Of It All and The Cure
Ice Cube and Snow
W.A.S.P and Sting
Soul Asylum and 10,000 Maniacs
Morphine and Rush
Adam Ant and The Beatles
Blue Oyster Cult and Pearl Jam
The Cars and Crash Test Dummies
Kansas and Alabama
Meatloaf and Cranberries
Porno for Pyros and Firehouse
Cream and Korn
The Mama's and the Papa's and Twisted Sister
Cracker and Green Jelly
Seal and Phish
Warrant and The Police
Moby and Whale
The Overlords and Underworld