Good, Clean (Kind Of) Fun - 07.13.98

"Come over in about 15 minutes...."

"....and wear a button-up shirt, we have a surprise for you."

Not the typical start of a Friday evening during my freshman year of college. Of course, it wasn't really a typical year, and especially not a typical past couple of weeks.

The real strange-ness that was to culminate on that night had really started two weeks back, during the long trip home from a spring-break road trip. I was in the 5th hour of my driving shift, and conversation had lulled off considerably in the past hour. I had been left to the quiet din of the radio and my own devices for staying awake when I was started out of the blue by a voice.

"So would you let us drink your blood?"
It was the voice of one of the three other inhabitants of the car; all females, all 3 or more years older than me. We were all in serious goth mode at the time, so the question didn't seem completely out of the ordinary. We had all talked about drinking blood and immortality and the like on several occassions. Because it was conversation, though, (and because a storm was closing in, sealing the mood), I answered "yes" as coy as I possibly could. I hoped that I could get some conversation going, to keep my mind from drifting as much as it had been. After I answered, it was quiet again for a few moments, then I heard another question pop up, this time from the passenger to the right of me.

"So would you let us tie you up?"
This time, I was a little more shy in my answer, but still went with "yes." There was a true degree of sincerity in my shy-ness. Even though I was a freshman in college, I had only kissed a girl once before, and that had been almost a year previous. Now, there were three others in the same car older than me. We had all goofed around before, and I was sure that the two were just messing with me to keep me awake, but I was flustered nonetheless.

"So would you let us tie you up while you were naked?"
This time, I felt a hand on my shoulder and I jumped ever so slightly. They knew that I was tired from driving, and I was sure that they were trying to keep me awake and on the road. Even though I thought they were kidding, I decided to be straight with them and answered that I wouldn't let them tie me up while I was naked. I thought that I had killed the conversation and fooling around, when the question was again asked of me, with a little re-phrasing.

"Would you let us tie you up and blindfold you?"
Again, the hand was on my shoulder, but by this time, I was starting to feel a little devious myself. It had started raining at a steady rate and the conversation was definitely keeping me awake. I acted as if I were in deep thought over the proposed question, but eventually answered that I would allow myself to be tied up and blindfolded. One of them chuckled lightly and said to no-one in particular that they would have to remember what I was saying for a later time.

After I finished tucking in my button-down black shirt into my black pants, I started getting a bit nervous and excited remembering what had been said only a couple weeks previous. I looked at the clock in my room and saw that 20 minutes had passed since I hung up the phone.

I knocked on the door to my friends dorm room and heard a bit of commotion as I waited. Suddenly, the door opened up and I looked inside the room. The entire thing was lit only by candles. There were about 20 of them going in various locations, and I could hear rather foreboding music playing from the stereo.

I was led to the bed, where I sat down cross-ways, half slumped against the wall that it was next to. They were both guarding something very carefully that was sitting on the desk, just out of my sight.

Both of them came over with something in their hands and asked me if I remembered what I had said a couple weeks ago. I got really nervous, but somehow agreed and spread my arms out. Having done so, they were tied to each end of the bed with silk scarves of some sort. Jokingly, I tugged at each of the knots with my arms, thinking I could easily get out if I really needed to. This wasn't the case, however, as I tried and only managed to make the knots tighter around my wrists.

Before I knew it, another silk scarf was being tied around my head and the room dimmed out almost completely. One of them started laughed at me and asked me if I was nervous yet. I did my best to sound confident when I answered "no," but knew that I was. I told them that if they were going to cut me open, to make it a very small cut, so I didn't scar. They told me that they weren't going to drink my blood yet, but they had something else.

As soon as the words had been spoken, I could feel someone start unbuttoning my shirt. I flinched at first and one of them reassured me that they wouldn't hurt me. By this time, I was getting quite keyed up, although I have to admit that I was getting rather excited by it all as well.

My shirt now open, I could hear them go over the the desk and come back with something that was sitting on top of it. Without a warning, I felt a cold liquid dripping on my chest and one of them told me to open my mouth. I asked what it was, but I they wouldn't tell me and I finally decided to give in and do what they said.

A strawberry that had been dipped in chocalte made its way into my mouth and I bit down on it and felt at ease for a moment.

That moment ended when I felt a tongue sliding across my abdomen, lapping up the chocolate that had been poured there. This time I really flinched, and I could hear one of them offer me a friendly, albeit mischievious sounding, "What's the matter, don't you trust us?"

One of them pulled my blindfold back slightly and I could see that the chocolate was almost gone, and more was being readied to pour on. I was trying my best not to get noticibly aroused by the whole situation, thinking that I could somehow keep some shred of control from them.

As soon as the second round of chocolate had been poured, a small globule of chocolate found it's way out of the container and onto my friends dress. She hopped up off the bed, opened the door, and ran down the hallway to the bathroom hoping to wash it off before it stained. My other friend stood up and walked out into the hallway as well, leaving the door to the room open behind her.

At this point, I could see down the hallway of the dorm, and I was still tied up with my shirt unbuttoned (and almost all the way off), chocolate running down the front of me. Kind of a compromising position to be caught in by the unsuspecting person passing by.

I called out to my second friend and she remembered my state of undress just as someone was rounding the corner down the hall a ways. The door was shut before they could get a second glance at what they thought looked like a guy tied up to a bed with something all over the front of him.

The chocolate came out of the dress and I got the rest of the chocolate cleaned off me without incident. It took awhile for them to untie the triple-knotted scarves, but eventually I was freed and allowed to button my shirt back up. We all sat around talking until late, just like any other evening.

A couple hours progressed and I decided to make my way back to my dorm room. I was a bit confused by everything that had just happened and the fact that I was really tired wasn't helping matters any. I said my goodbyes and started heading out the door when I was wished off with one final statement.

"We'll drink your blood another night."