More Guestbook Responses - 07.06.98

About 20 'Whatever's' ago, I responded to entries that had been left in my guestbook. It was partially humorous, not very serious, and just a lot of fun in general for me. Since that time, I've had a huge number more people sign in, so I thought it was about time to respond again. I'm not sure of the numbers, but I think that this piece focuses on bits from entries 12-35. Again, I'll try to answer some questions, as well as elaborate on some comments (and try my best at some humor in the process). Proceed at your own caution.

The first question I will respond to was submitted by 'Nichol "lepor priest" McGrane.' They wonder, "which runs faster a midget or a pig?" In order to answer this question correctly, I'd need more information to fill into the Pig <> Midget equation. If it were a small pig, like that Babe in the movies, I'd put my money on the pig. If it were a large, beastly animal, I'm going to go with the midget.

I have only one statement to make to the person known as 'christine' who signed the book on 05/21/98. Obsess Much?

Although I wasn't called as many names (especially "freak") as I was in the first few entries, I did notice a disturbing trend in people using phrases that could be taken out of context (and sound much better if they are so). Here are the choice ones.
"Loved it. Coming back for more."
"You are good, man. so don't stop."
"Will you take those photos?"
"Rebirth is always painful."

One question that I really need to answer is asked by someone simply known as "evan." In their entry, they ask the question of, "How did you develope this page?" To tell you the truth, before I even starting this page, I did research on the internet for several months trying to figure out what would be the perfect site. After months and months of statistical research and website marketing strategy, I ditched everything and started whipping stuff out of my ass to create the bulk of vacuous web space known as 'almost cool.'

Along the same lines, I feel that I need to respond to a statement made by a signee of the book known as 'princess angie." They were obviously lead down a path of misinformation before they made the comment of, "You are a f***ing genius." After reading this, I assume that one of two things happened: 1. An error occurred while processing the entry, somehow posting this message (which was meant for elsewhere) in my guestbook. 2. The signee mistaked rambling prose and other crap contained within to be genius. Either way, I'm sure that it was some sort of horrible mistake.

In their entry, 'Rolo Tomassey' stated, "I think you should be blocked by surfwatch and net nanny and other righteous organizations that are saving our children from violence & smut like is display on degenerate sites like yours!" To this I say, "Thank You...Thank You very much." But I don't understand why.

Also, I don't know how to explain it, but after reading the entry of one 't-bone,' I'm having severe Deja Vu. He mentions his favortie movies and favorite music, but the random comment of "chocolate syrup and button-up shirts" keeps flashing through my head. Ah, well. If it comes up again, I think that I'll have to actually write out the story. It's a good one.

Finally, I want to again thank everyone for the below comments that I received about 'almost cool.'

"It's funny because it's true."
"It is alright. But can you FIGHT?!"
"Strikingly bizarre. Horridly pointless. Superbly creative. Strangely disturbing. Kinda neat. Somewhat rocks."
"Quite cheeky."
"I laughed I cried I brought the kids."
"It's almost many people have said that?"

With that, I bring to a close another batch of guestbook entries. Like always, I want to thank everyone that took the time to sign in and leave a few words. The site has been clunking along for nearly 10 months now, and although it has slowed down a little bit, it's not even close to reaching an ending point. While it mainly is a site simply for my own writing and thoughts, the occassional feedback is nice.