Music Madness? - 06.15.98

I will freely admit that I have an addiction to music. I buy quite a few albums, and I enjoy reading up on different bands and keeping versed on what is being released. Several times, though, I know that I've annoyed people with my overzealous-ness on that end of things. In thinking about it a little bit more recently, I decided to come up with a quiz of sorts for people to find out just how musically obsessed they are. Run through the following list and keep track of how many you say yes to, and consult the easy-to-follow guide at the end to see how you scored. Oh yes, when I speak of 'albums', it's a general term, referring to whatever media you purchase music on (CD, Cassette, LP, Mini-disc). Also, without giving away my score, I will say that I didn't answer 'yes' to every question. I swear.

  1. When someone asks you if you've heard anything good lately, you end up talking for 30 minutes, or until they abrubtly change subjects.

  2. Whenever you're with a friend, you comandere their stereo/radio without even asking.

  3. When you're listening to a good song on the radio, you skip around through the other stations, just to make sure there's not a better song on.

  4. When you play music for someone, you get so excited that you only play about 10 seconds of each song for them to hear.

  5. You memorize the exact time of favorite parts of songs (ie, "There's a killer guitar riff in this song at 2 minutes and 29 seconds.").

  6. When you get a new album, you have to listen to 15 seconds of each song before you actually sit down and really let it sink in.

  7. If you break a album case, you get severly distraught until it is fixed.

  8. You spend time each week looking at album cover art and / or lyrics.

  9. Your monetary system is based around how much music you could buy for a certain amount (ie, "Wow, I could buy 4 CD's for that much").

  10. If someone gave you a gift certificate for 100 free album's, you still wouldn't have everything you wanted.

  11. You listen to whatever is on the radio and barely ever change the station.

  12. Your album's are all in alphabetical order.

  13. You have some idea who is releasing albums in the upcoming months.

  14. You know little tidbits of information about a large variety of groups / artists (bonus point if you know things even about groups you dislike).

  15. If you've ever been in a music store and someone has mistaken you as someone who works there (bonus point if you've been able to point them in the correct direction anyway).

  16. Your first electrical device on in the morning is the stereo.

  17. Your last electrical device off in the evening is the stereo.

  18. Even if you can't play the specified instruments, you wave your arms wildly to simulate certain elements of songs (ie, air guitar, air drums, air keyboards).

  19. You go through album storage problems fairly often.

  20. Your friends ask you what you'd recommend to them, and then actually listen to you.

  21. You've skipped eating 1 or more meals so you could afford to buy an album.

17 or above: You may need to seek professional help. You're probably either a great source of information to those around you, or a major pain-in-the-arse. Probably varying degrees of both.

11-16: You're slightly musically obsessed, but it probably isn't enough to affect your everyday life or that of those around you. Remember, moderation is your friend.

5-10: Good news. You're a very healthy music listener. You probably don't annoy those around you, yet listen to what you want and have enough knowledge to discuss things if needed.

0-4: Go here and then go out and buy some stuff. Really, I insist.