thought chain #3 - 06.01.98

You're going to get in over your head up the group something according to its color depends on the amount and kind of light reflected in the rear view mirror image forms on the exposed film covering the stagnate water quenches the thirst for knowledge for the sake of knowing the difference between good and evil thoughts come to mind your own business class ends at the bell ring around the finger on the pulse is steady as she goes out like a light flickering overhead compartments are filled to the rim shot in the dark comedy is not very funny how things always end up the same old story with a twist of lemon juice puckers the mouth of the river is dammed up and away from harm will not come into your life is too short out the circuit enclosing the area deep within the brain emits responses to questions posed by the defense must stop the opposition of two forces beyond my control your thoughts drift off the coast to a stop at the red light goes on over your head for the hills and valleys have been cut by rivers over millions of years spent in an endless cycle through the different selections have been made to order must be maintained on a regular basis for a system of beliefs accepted without questioning the answers are located at the bottom of the well off the beaten path leads nowhere you're going to get into trouble is my middle name that tune playing on the speaker motivating the crowd together in a small space is reserved for someone else more important documents coming through a crack in the window to the outside world is crumbling around your ears pricked by the tiniest sound reverberates down the tunnel through the ground water is contaminated by human waste not and want not in a million years could I go through it happened so quickly I barely had time to react to the bad news comes in the daily paper formed from the pulp of trees cut it out of sight and out of mind like a steel trap me in and never let me go with the flow.