thought-chain #2 - 03.23.98

Like I've said before you go off and do something stupid is as stupid does me wrong you in any way shape or form the clay into a vessel of hope is all we have you checked outside lately i've been having nightmares manifest themselves inside my head out onto the road leads nowhere is at the center of everywhere you look is something that is upsetting the contents of the container with the air-tight seal around the top of the world spins at a rate of one revolution every twenty four hours in a day is the opposite of night is when the evil things come out to play house is decrepit and old man wanders around without anywhere to go off and get out of here is the reason behind the madness of march in unison we sing out the door and into the open air is composed of oxygen and many other components must be put together in a certain way out is through the door in the ceiling is caving in on me while I sleep in this morning is time for a cup of coffee with sugar and cream corn on a cob up your ass is another name for a donkey is kind of like a mule is a stubborn animal instincts sometimes inhibit ones ability to think clear as a mountain stream of consciousness is the ability of comprehension and response to the call of a fire water earth and air are the four age-old folkloric elements that govern nature calls at the most inopportune moments that make up a memory is the first to go about your business world is competitive analysis of the inner self sufficient funds to survive in our nation divided like the albumen and yolk of an egg is usually sold with eleven others look at me like I have bad wiring snakes through the city in underground passages are highlighted in the great book the hotel room for a week solid unmoving mass obstructing the path of the righteous babe was the name of an ox that was blue in the face up to the things that are haunting you wish upon a star in the northern sky is cloudy water left in the sink after washing dishes stacked in an orderly fashion is for those who can afford it is like a chance encounter of the first kind of hoping for rain in large amounts causes flooding the media with whatever is popular at the time being the brunt of the joke is on you only wish you knew what was going on call three hundred and sixty five days a year in the life goes on and on a regular basis for belief in a certain system of doing things aren't what they seem to be a lot more trouble than it is worth its weight in gold.