thought-chain #1 - 03.20.98

Caffeine puts me to sleep walking through a crossroads of lives on the brink of chaos is at the center of the universe makes one seem so small minded idiots are in control your mind over matter not in the grand scheme of things aren't as they seem like years fly by like minutes make a difference in age has nothing to do with it was a fluke of the imagination is not bound by laws regarding spirit moves at the speed of light is blinding me without shelter from the elements make up the essential building blocks in my collection of the old and outdated milk sits in my refridgerator and stinks to high heaven and hell is where the sinners go to corner shop to buy some cigarettes will kill you and your brotherly love unrequited is the worst kind of like an apple falling according to Newtons law of the jungle is being cut away by industry all the time passes slowly when you're bored out of your gourd which was used to make a jack-o-lantern sits on the front porch swing up and down and all around the world is a big place to put your secrets only hurt people like you and me myself and i wonder what the hell is going on off switch on the wall of sound off in the morning when the sun is rising like balloons filled with helium makes you laugh when you inhale and hold your breath can be seen on the cold glass shards cut open skin like hot butter on your popcorn at the theatre is dark and quiet or you'll wake the sleeping child tried as an adult world of paying bills and work like a dog paddle the boat across the lake is so still it seems like a mirror to the soul is what makes us humans have evolved over millions of years under my belt that holds up my pants in the family tree falls in a forest and makes a sound like none you've ever heard before you were born and raised outstretched above your head over heels are caloused and worn out like an old set of shoes make the man the torpedoes can sink a ship these boxes in the mail tomorrow is another day is the opposite of night is when the darkness comes out to play with fire and you'll get burnt like a pile of dry leaves flutter down in the fall on your face the facts have to be proven in a court of law and order something off the menu and shut up.