Crush-O-Rama - 02.13.98

The other evening while talking on the phone to a friend of mine, I came to realize that I was acting very childish in the way that I was going about meeting people. Particularly, I was telling them about a girl that I was kind of crushing on. They proceeded to ask me just how many different girls I was crushing on at the time, and how many of them I had actually talked to. My answer for this was, "4 and 0."

Instead of coming up with a solution for my strange ways, I instead countered the question and they had a very difficult time answering as well. After talking a little longer, we did probably the most childish thing that we could have (for both of us being over 20) and decided to come up with a sort of game / challenge out of it all.

Without further ado, I will explain all the rules of our newly founded "Crush Game." It's actually quite harmless, and can be a lot of fun for two single people who may have problems meeting others.

The first part of the game is figuring out how many people both of you (the two participating in the game) actually have crushes on. It can be someone that you always see when you're out at lunch, the mysterious girl you see at the club every week, or the new guy who just moved in next door. The only stipulation for this category is that you have to have seen them more than once. Yes, it's possible to get a small crush on someone after seeing them just one time, but there has to be some way of keeping the numbers down a bit.

After you've come up with the number of people that you have crushes on, you (and the person you're playing the game with) have to establish a number that acts as a sort of plateau. This number is the basis for which the whole game revolves around, because once it is reached, action must take place. For example; If the number has been set at 6 and my list of crushes reaches that number, then I have to go up and actually talk to one of the people on my list. It's an ultimatum, a plan for action, and quite a silly premise.

One other rule that we came up with is that you can drop someone from your crush list if you don't see them for an extended period of time (we set one month as our time limit). This way, one doesn't get a huge list of crushes that they'll never see again.

It's really a rather simple game, as it doesn't have a whole lot of rules. The only thing that it relies on is a fair amount of honesty for those who play and two people who are dorky enough to resort to such childishness.