- 03.13.02

He had a photographic memory he told them. He explained that he was sitting in the middle lane of a three lane road driving West. In the turn lane just to the left of him was a small red sedan of some sort, and to his right was a tricked-out white import convertable sports car with a college kid and some of his friends in it. Seeing them there made his temperature flare even a little more for having to sit there in a hot day in a car with no air conditioning, so he turned up his music even louder to try to drown out their talking and laughter. He had just wanted the light to change so he could get the hell home.

At this same time, cars had creeped out into the intersection on each perpedicular road to him as was the usual tradition. Their light had been green for some time, and each car had snuck up as far as possible so they could get through as soon as the light started turning yellow. The automobile that was sitting directly in front of him (facing South, wanting to turn into the Eastbound lane opposite the medium of him) was a light blue minivan in which the driver he supposed to be a rather frazzled young mother, while the automobile in the other turn lane (facing North, waiting to turn into the Westbound lane, the same direction that he himself was headed) was a large, white phone company van.

The young woman driving the light blue minivan looked like she was having a rather difficult time dealing with the other two occupants of her vehicle, which were two children. The children in the light blue minivan didn't look like they were paying attention to her, and possibly enjoyed being yelled at. In the few moments that he watched them, he saw a young girl swinging herself around almost convulsively in the back seat, fighting against the seatbelt that she really didn't want to be fastened in by. This was probably one of the mothers last bastions of hope, as she would reach her right arm back at strange angles and try to grab the arm of the girl to settle her down while craning her head around to try to look directly at her, as if it gave her some added level of authority.

The other child was also in the back seat, but he was almost directly behind the mother (again, just an assumption based on what he saw). This occupant was a young boy of roughly 10 years of age, and he was not wearing a seatbelt. Upon seeing this, the man thought that might actually be the major point of complaint with the mother, but whenever she took her hand away from grabbing at the arm of her daughter to point it at the rear-view mirror (which was in effect pointing it at the boy in the back seat), the young girl would strain forward and bend her arm around trying to reach something in the front seat directly ahead of her. Upon seeing this movement out of the corner of her eye, the mother (again the man reminded the police that this was just an assumption he had made, as he didn't really know the relationship between the three in the minivan) would bring her hand down from pointing at the mirror (essentially the boy in the backseat directly behind her) and in one karate-chop motion keep the small girl from grabbing at whatever it was that she wanted in the front seat.

It was at this point that the man exclaiming this had a moment of epiphany, and then exclaimed that he probably thought the young girl was reaching for something in the mothers purse, to which the mothers response was to stop her and get her to sit back. The young boy would again see that she was distracted and do a little squatted-dance while standing on the seat, and the finger pointing and yelling would again shift back to the rear-view mirror. The quick shifts of finger-pointing went back and forth like this all the while the car was rolled out in the intersection waiting for the light to change so they could hurry up and just get the hell through it and get home already.

The man then noted that even though this had all happened in rapid succession, he remembered every single detail, because as he had mentioned at the beginning, he had a photographic memory. He then said that he realized the light had just changed to yellow for the woman in the minivan, and in the middle of a finger-pointing and scolding change, she had too.

Without really looking, she pressed down the accelerator to make the turn, but unlike the man sitting in the car, she hadn't seen the large, Northbound sports utility vehicle cranking on its accelerator even more to try to beat the light. Yes, in fact, he had even seen the driver of this automobile in a moment of clarity, and he looked to be some young exective type, racing home in order to do a quick change of clothes into something slightly more casual before meeting up with the office posse for the Friday afternoon club at whatever watering hole was the most hip these days. Not only was he accelerating through the yellow light, but he seemed to be slightly agitated as he talked into his cell phone (perhaps arguing about the viability of wearing khakis this early in the season?).

The man then told the cops that they could probably see where this was all going, and could in fact tell from the accident scene what had happened, but he wanted to give them the full perspective anyway.

As he said, the black sports utility vehicle was accelerating through the light in the leftmost lane of the two-lane road going north. His vision (as well as the driver of the minivan) was obscured by the large white phone utility truck and only at the last moment did he see the blue minivan pulling out in front of him and the woman going from mid scream at a child to full-on scream at her being hit by a large vehicle bearing down on her front right quarterpanel.

Instead of slamming on the brakes, the black sports utility vehicle then swerved into the right lane of the northbound road as best as possible, but the minivan was sticking out too far and the front left quarterpanel of the black SUV plowed into the front right quarterpanel of the light blue minivan. Because of the velocity and inertia of the large black vehicle, though, it didn't stop there, and instead careened to the right after hitting the minivan, passing just in front of the mans car where it then clipped the front of the white sports car with all the laughing college guys and proceeded to crash through the wall of a sandwich shop situated directly on the northeast corner of the intersection.

The only thing that the man admitted he was a bit hazy on the details of was the aftermath. After panning his head from the partially collapsed brick wall of the sandwich shop and over the hood of the now over-reacting and downright screaming college boys in the white sports car, he noticed that the small boy who had been doing the squat dancing in the back seat of the light blue minivan was now laying in a pool of glass just to the north of it, which was draining antifreeze at a rather fast rate and smoking from the recent impact.


It was a normal day for Kyle. Although he didn't hate his job at the sandwich shop, it wasn't exactly stimulating either, and Friday nights were his least favorite shift because even though he was making money that he planned on putting towards college, it also meant that he wasn't able to hang out with his friends on one of the only nights of the week that his parents would let him anyway. On a normal day of the week, including Friday, he'd get out of school at about 4p.m., drive home to change clothes, then be on his way for work again as his shift started at 4:30. He was always on time to his job, even if it wasn't the most fullfilling thing in the world.

Yes, Fridays were indeed the worst. Even after only 30 minutes of work, the bland radio stations that work policy allowed were already recycling songs, and although Friday night seemed to be the one night that more hot girls came in and ordered sandwiches, he hadn't seen any yet this evening.

Just as he was ringing up one customer, though, and asking whether they indeed wanted to add on a drink, cookie, chips, and salad for only a low bargain price, a girl walked in the door that stopped him in his tracks. The customer whom he'd asked the question to was actually interested in the full meal bargain, but he'd already rang up just the sandwich in order to hurry him out and get to the girl who'd just come in the front door and was now looking rather longingly at the wide selection of breads that his store had to offer.

Right, the cash register was now fowled up, and instead of helping the super hot customer that had just come in the door, he now had to void the last sale and then re-enter the new sale. It was getting to be a total pain in the ass, and this flustered him. In a daze, he punched through the correct key combination, accepted payment for the meal bargain, and sent the customer on his way with a stomach-filling assortment of food items.

Sitting up, he realized that he was now sitting on bare concrete with little bits of broken glass all around him. The van that his mother had been driving was now smashed in and stalled, while the track that hit it w

As it happens, both of the above