Slowing To A Walk - 01.07.00

I know that the saying has been uttered by many a people more famous than myself, but instead of trying to come up with something witty and/or new, I'm just going to go ahead and be cliche' and say, "it was a nice run."

Now, before I go on and explain things a little more, let me first explain that this isn't the end of this section, it's just going to change a little bit for awhile and possibly for good. When I started this section out about three and a half years ago now (although it doesn't quite seem that long), I was in a frenzy. I needed an outlet for all the thoughts that were running through my head and instead of keeping a journal or anything else, I just started pouring it out at my computer and uploading it to an obscure site. For awhile, I was writing three new pieces a week for this section and after a couple months it dropped to two and eventually to the every Monday updates that I'd continued until last week.

It was something like 170 weeks in which I wrote at least one longer piece for this site and that fact makes me proud. I wrote pieces when I was doing well and I wrote even more passionately (although sometimes probably not as clear-headed) when I was sad or upset. It was my outlet and the fact that I stuck at it so damn long is something I look back at and still wonder how I did it sometimes.

I'll stop with the self-congratulatory crap right now, because the main function of this piece is to say that this section is no longer going to continue to be weekly.

Of course, as luck would have it, I also wrote a piece about that and I tried to explain just why I was busy but since that time things have gotten even a bit more crazy. I'm still doing freelance web design as I was then, but instead of 3 different projects I'm now trying to cram in even more than that (and have others still waiting as I try to get around to them). I told myself I'd never take on too many projects that it would crimp on my personal creation time, but for the moment it looks like I've gone and done it a bit anyway.

Freelance design isn't the only reason I'm going to be slowing down with the writing in this section, though. Another simple reason is that although I really do enjoy this section, I've sometimes found it really hard to come up with the passion to write the entries week after week. I'd find myself sitting down on Sunday nights without a clue as to what I was going to pound out and instead of coming up with pieces that I was really happy with, there are a lot of times over the course of the past couple months that I really don't feel like my writing has been very high quality (although there are some pieces that I feel really make up for others). Instead of continuing to write something every single week and feel like some of it is crap, I'd rather write whenever I feel the inspiration and feel more positive about what I was putting out.

The third part of this equation is that the rest of the site is growing, and while I have a passion for this section (and a bit of a nostalgic attachment to it since I've done it so long), I'm actually more excited about what's going on in different parts of this site. While I'm still not getting tons of entries for Lesion Legion, I think that it has gotten much stronger in the past year (and really with the addition of each story) and The Photo Trust Project is still moving along rather slowly but surely.

Another thing I've been wanting to do for a long time is gradually start pulling apart this section and taking the stories that I really enjoy and giving them their own layout and design like I did with the one non-travel piece I have in the In Other Words section. While I think that some of the stories stand on their own merit, there are some that I enjoy so much that I'd like to give their own space to breath. Not only that, but I have so longer pieces I've been writing off and on for awhile that I would eventually like to put on this site when I've refined them enough.

The final part of things (and it ties in with me being busy above) is just my life in general. It's a new year and while I don't mind being a hermit and sitting home nights working on my site, I also don't want to tie myself to the computer so much. I started taking photos pretty hardcore again this last year and I want to explore some new areas with that and continue fully, as well as maybe eventually find time to sit down and work on creating some more electronic music (the first few pieces I've put together are absolutely horrible, but I'm undaunted).

Basically, this piece is sort of just signifying a bit of a change within this section only. I'll still be adding pieces here when I get the chance and inspiration (which could be a week from now, or it could be a month from now), but it just won't be on a defined and regular basis. As always, if you've stopped by and read things in this section before, I thank you very much. I'm flattered. There will be more...