Re:(Elation?)ship Thoughts Part 3 - 05.29.00 - 06.19.00

This might be the easy way out of writing another essay or short story about something goofy that happened in my life, but I've gotten a good bit of responses about the first two entries in this series. Not only that, but I have a lot of fun writing down different things that have either taken place in real life or in my head at one point. Also, I've maybe sort of (possibly) been in a bit of a relationship funk again lately. As always, comments or questions are welcome.

Out of the 9 girls that I've kissed in my entire life, 2 are married while 2 more are engaged and will be married before the year is through. Of the remainding 5, I've completely lost touch with 3, while the other 2 are still good friends. Out of those who are married or engaged, I'm only really in contact with one, which means that out of all the girls that I've kissed in my 25 years on this planet, I've managed to at least stay in contact with one-third of them. It's not a horrible average, but it's an interesting thing to think about. If I really tried, I know that I could get in touch with at least 4 of the 6 that I've lost touch with rather easily, but I can't think of any reasons why I'd need to. Occassionally, I wonder what they're doing and wonder whether they've thought the same about me, but decide to leave things alone in the end.

I also think it's funny that I can still count the number of girls I've kissed on two hands.

"She was into role-playing when we were making out, and that was cool with me most of the time."

"Most of the time, huh? So, when was a time that it wasn't cool?"

"Well, on one particular occassion, I was pretending to be a priest and she was a prostitute that had come in and was confessing to me. That part of the scenario was great. We built up some interesting tension and we were both getting way into it for awhile."

"What's so weird about that?"

"She didn't think that it had enough flair, so on top of the above things, she also wanted me to pretend that I was her brother."

During one relationship in college, I'd occassionally stay in the dorm room of the girl that I was seeing. Because of the small size of college dorm beds and the overwhelming amount of floorspace that she seemed to have, I'd often times take the foam mattress off my own bed, then roll it up and carry it to her room so we could just unroll it and crash on the floor. In the morning, it became sort of an obvious sign that I'd stayed in her room if I was carrying it back to my own dorm, so we decided to give it a name of its own. Instead of a simply a foam pad or a bed roll, we started referring to it as "the drunk friend." If someone then got the smart idea to ask me what I was doing carrying around a foam bed roll in the morning, I'd just say that I was making sure "the drunk friend" made it back to his room OK.

It sure seemed funny at the time.

"I got this shirt from a clothes swap. Basically, I gave one of my t-shirts to this girl that I was sort of seeing and she in turn gave me one of hers. It's just one of those goofy things that sort of reminds you of the person every time you wear it."

"So, is her name 'Brad' then"

"No, it's just a random shirt she found at a thrift store."

We sat around that afternoon with about 20 different kinds of candy and sweets spread out on the floor between us. We took turns picking up pieces of candy and putting them in our mouths. After letting it dissolve somewhat, we'd lean together and kiss for awhile, exchanging a bit of saliva and the slight taste of certain sweets in the process. While chocolate-based items seemed to be the overall consensus for best candy to eat just before kissing, a small dab of honey on the tongue or drizzled on the neck of the next person seemed to be a favorite as well.

"Everyone always says that spring and summer are the times for love, but I've always thought that winter would be the best time because the weather is cold and it's inducive for cuddling and snuggling with someone to stay warm."

"True. But there's something to be said for rolling around in the heat and getting soaked with sweat too I think."