Go Ahead And Ask - 04.17.00

Over the course of the past week, I've had 3 different conversations with groups of people or different individuals that revolved around questions asked and honest answers given.

The first instance of this was during the birthday celebration at a local club for an aquaintance of mine. I arrived at the table a little late and somewhat depressed, and managed to plop myself down right in the middle of a game of "truth or dare." Although I really wasn't in the mood for such a sophomoric game (especially with a lot of people that I didn't know very well), I decided I'd sit and play for a bit, taking the questions that were given to me and answering them in honest fashion (I'm not one to take dares).

After a couple rounds of pointing toward other people, the lipstick container finally stopped its spinning on the table and was pointing in my direction. I said "truth" and a rather easy question was asked, to which I gave the answer rather quickly.

The next time the subject was brought up was during a discussion about politics with someone I work with. A candidate for state senator had recently dropped out of the race due to some of his past being brought up and causing stress on his family. We talked about what should or shouldn't be covered by the press during a policital campaign and I somehow made the statement that I'd make a decent candidate because I had nothing to hide. I was kidding, of course (mainly because I'm not that interested in politics), but I still thought that it would be hard for people to dredge up bad things on me.

The final time that the subject of truth and questions was sparked by going through a couple discussions brought on by "The Book Of Questions." The book is one that I'd had since college (as well as "The Book Of Questions: Love And Sex") and had not only started many interesting conversations with friends, but lead to even longer discussions that had nothing to do with the book and deeper friendships. It's a catalyst of sorts, beginning with a simply question of some sort, which in turn leads to conversation on that subject and other questions being brought up out of the conversation.

All that being said, I've now come up with an experiment that needs your participation. In keeping with the above theme, what I'm looking for from you is simply a question. It can be something that you've wanted to ask me for awhile but haven't, something silly you want to know my opinion on, or anything else off-the-cuff that you can think of. I'll compile all the questions that I recieve in the next week and answer them all in next weeks installment. The only stipulation on my answers is that I won't name any names (other than my own, or unless you specifically want me to mention yours) in my answers, but I'll be as truthful as possible otherwise.

That's about it. As I said above, just send me a question in an e-mail and stop back next week to see how I've responded. The only sad thing is that if you make me blush or fluster, you won't be able to see it happening.