Blog Blog Blog - 03.27.00

I don't have a blog, nor a weblog, but that doesn't keep me from reading them. In the past couple months terms have been thrown around like crazy that utilize the key word, and I've tried to compile a list of them, as well as adding a pile of my own. Also, it's a way for me to give props to all the weblogs that I try to check on a regular basis.

If you get all the references below, consider yourself very nerdy. If I forgot to credit you, or you have others to add to this "blog-centric" list, drop me a line. I'll update every night I get responses.

A Chip Off The Old Blog - A great weblog that follows in the steps of either a family member or friend that has a great weblog.

Blahg! - An exasperated phrase often uttered after becoming frustrated with ones weblog.

Blogcessive-Compulsive - Checking a favorite weblog of yours every hour (or more) during the course of the day, just to see if it's been updated.

The Blogeyman - A mythical monster known to hide under beds and in closets that attacks webloggers who neglect posting for long stretches of time.

Bloggage Of The Arteries - An unfortunate event that occurs when too many links present themselves at one time. Instead of posting them all at once, it's best to space them out, lest you suffer from "Bloggerrhea." (see below)

Bloggeratzi - People who constantly write you and compliment you on your weblog, sometimes even approaching you in person to snap a quick picture.

Bloggerrhea - Posting to your weblog many times in a short period of time. Credited to Meg or Jake.

Blogglet - A very tiny blog, by someone who is pressed for time, or is very sparing with their words. Credited to Dan.

"Blog Rockin' Beats" - Big-beat song by the Chemical Brothers favored by webloggers who like shaking booty while making entries on their page.

Blogse' - Feeling completely indifferent as to whether or not your should update your weblog.

Blog The Impaler - The precursor to Count Blogula (see below), this character steals links from other weblogs and even boasts of doing such in their own.

Blogwork Orange. - Movie that follows a band of webloggers who flaunt their selection of the title color (Haughey and Jack).

"Blog You Like A Hurricane" - Scorpions song that is best played as background music when you're making an addition to your weblog that you know is going to rock the web community.

Blogzilla - A new soon-to-be-developed application by the folks at Pyra, this web browser will only load official Blogger sites, as well as having built-in Blogger utilities.

The Captains Blog - A weblog that makes an unhealthy amount of references to Star Trek.

Count Blogula - Somewhat like a linkslut, this parasitic sucker steals links from other logs without giving credit where it's due.

"For Those About To Blog" - Song by AC-DC often used by webloggers to get pumped-up about making additions to their site.

Gang Blog - A blog that's updated by a large group of people, instead of just going solo (aka "monoblog"). Credited to Dan.

Hemoblogin - Part of your blood that can actually be analyzed at a hospital to tell whether you'd make a good weblogger or not.

"Keep On Bloggin' In The Free World" - Hit song written by Neil Young about the comfort of weblogging in non-communist countries.

Johan Sebastian Blog - Write a symphony piece, make an entry in the weblog, write a symphony piece, make and entry in the weblog, etc, etc.

Legend of Bloggy Creek - An obscure B-movie in which a yeti-like creature attacks several people in a small town who run weblogs.

"Life Is Like A Blog Of Chocolates" - A philosophical statement uttered by the main character of the hit film Forrest Gump. Meaning behind statement is said to be that even though you're linking to chocolate (a good thing), in the end it doesn't really mean much of anything.

New Kids On The Blog - Anyone just starting out in the weblogging world. Some go onto bigger things (like the teeny-bopper sensation of Joey McEntire), while others fade into obscurity (like Jordan Knight).

Pavlovs Blog - An obscure weblog with tons of links to information on conditioned responses and meat powder.

Pornblography - A weblog that mixes the normal elements of a blog with lots of nudie pictures.

Reservoir Blogs - A movie about sharp-dressed webloggers who heist a mis-labeled box of Blogger t-shirts (aha! so that's where they went).

Sir Blogsalot - A true renaissance weblogger who not only posts links, but pictures, poetry, and other things as well.

Statuatory Blog - A weblog run by someone underage.

Totally Blogular! - Derived from surfer lingo, this term refers to a radical weblog (dude).

The Yule Blog - A site featuring only winter holiday-related links.

I have a feeling this thing could get out-of-control big, so check back often and if you feel like using anything above on your site, just give credit where it's due otherwise I'll eternally label you "Count Blogula." So there.

Also, I make no guarantee on any of the above actually being funny.