Valentines Day Musings - 02.14.00

I wrote the scenarios below as sort of a special thing to coincide with Valentines Day. They're all real, although some of them have been edited to protect the innocent.

I bought a used book once that was about the big-bang and the universe in general. After taking it home and reading several chapters of it, something caught my eye and I flipped it open to the inside back cover. Written on it in faded blue ink was this:

Dear Don-
Every time that you read this book or think about it afterwards, I hope that you remember me and how my love for you is like the universe. Not only did it start the very instant that I set eyes on you, but it will continue forever, boundlessly, ever growing and expanding. I love you.
After reading it and digesting the statement for a moment, I took the book and instead flipped it open to the inside front cover where the price of the book was written in pencil. I had paid 2 dollars for it, so Don probably only got about half of that for his boundless love.

Valentines Day was rapidly approaching, and I was hearing the statement "are you going to get me flowers?" for approximately the 20th time in two weeks. I said that I'd have to think about it, but by the time the actual day rolled around, I was so sick of the questioning that I didn't buy them. Of course it was probably a crappy thing to do and I was a bad boyfriend, but certainly there's other (and more orignal) things than flowers that can be purchased for the big day.

I sat in the window of the cafe and wrote along as I watched couples stream by endlessly outside. I had a coffee in one hand, while my other one held the black pen pressed against the notebook. One of those classically angstfull moments where everything that flows onto the paper seems lucid and amazingly profound.

That is, until you try reading it several days later and realize that you must have been possessed.

Walking along downtown, I stumbled upon an interesting scrap blowing along the pavement. Being the nosy person that I am, I picked it up quickly and unfolded it. It was a piece of lined notebook paper that had obviously seen its fair share of the elements, but a handwritten note was still very visible on it, and I couldn't keep myself from reading it. It said:

Wusup Dawg!
Girl, you looked so fresh the other day when I saw you at the pep rally. I was sitting up there in the bleachers and when you came out in your cheerleading uniform, I was like Damn! I so want to see you soon. Maybe we can see a movie or something, yo. Call me.

I wished I was half that suave.