It was several months ago that I found out that Fridge was going to be playing at a venue only about 3.5 hours away from where I lived. Not only did they release my favorite album of 2001 (with Happiness), but they were probably in the top 5 list of bands that I wanted to see perform live. Not only was Fridge playing, though, but two other bands that I owned albums by and enjoyed (Explosions In The Sky and Cerberus Shoal), so once I found out that admission to the show was free(!), the only question was how many people were going to join in the merriment.

As with my comments on my other trips, linked words in the body of the trip diary will take you to pictures taken along with some further commentary on them. The second day of the trip was spend either driving or fending off rain, so you won't find any links there. Also, as with other trips, I feel the need to introduce everyone involved (even though it will be fairly easy to keep track of).

The People Involved:
Aaron: Otherwise known as the master of the domain ElasticHeart, I met Aaron a couple months ago and we've been hanging out since. Overlapping tastes in music and movies, we're also in an as-yet-unnamed musical collaboration together.
TG: This person values their privacy and I've mentioned them many other places on this site already. I'll just say again that they're supa-rad and leave it at that.
Aaron: Yes! My name is also Aaron. Scary! Whee!

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