Open All Night 

This being my first SXSW, I probably don't have as good of a gauge as most people against what the atmosphere was like this year as opposed to in the past. I will say that in the end, what it's probably going to come down to each year with most people is the personal interactions. I know that while I went to lots of panels and heard some interesting points, the bigger thing for me was all the conversations I had with people whom I'd only met through the web previously. Panels are great, but it's the face-to-face communications and conversations that will probably be the most inspiring to me in the long run, and that's something that shouldn't change no matter what the business outlook for the web is. I'm one of those people who believes in the web as more of a community than a moneymaking opportunity anyway, and going to SXSW just helped to reinforce that in my mind.

Top 3 quotes of the trip

3. "What's your name again."
2. "Hey, I know your site."
1. "I saw your webcam. Hrm. Uh. Hmmm."

Music Purchases on the trip.

  • Autechre - Peel Sessions 2 CD
  • Dirty Three - Sad And Dangerous CD
  • The Freight Elevator Quartet - Becoming Transparent CD
  • Roy Montgomery/Chris Heaphy - True CD

Other photos and commentary on SXSW 2001.
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