Day 3:
When we got into the car, it was 1:45am and I knew that Roger had to be back to Omaha by 4pm that afternoon. The math was easy and minus the 8+ hour driving time to get back, we would have had approximately 3 or so hours to actually sleep. I asked Roger how he felt and he said he could pull an all-nighter driving, so off we went.

For the first couple hours, I was completely fine. I was still hyped-up from the show and we discussed what we'd thought of it. We even pulled off to eat at one point at a rather ghetto White Castle in Joliet (I had some fries and a soda).

It was at some point around 4am, though, that I started having some problems staying awake. Even though I was downing cola and talking to Roger, the fact that I wasn't the one having to focus on driving and the lull of the road simply started taking its toll on me. I fell asleep during a Stooges album for about 20 minutes, I zonked out after I'd put in a disc by the Sea And Cake, and my eyelids even felt heavy when we started listening to the new Godspeed You Black Emperor release. When we'd stop for gas or soda, I'd hop out into the cold air and get rejuvenated, only to find myself drifting an hour or so later.

With all my little nod-offs, my total sleep time on the way back was probably only about an hour and a half or so, but Roger did a very honorable job of staying completely awake and on course to get back to Nebraska safely. There were a couple moments where weird, off kilter conversations started and ended mid-phrase, but we managed to get back just fine after everything.

When I finally got back to my apartment, I'd been wearing the same clothes for about 30+ hours, but I didn't even muster the strength to take them off and clean up. Instead, I fell asleep on my floor for a couple hours and woke up mid-afternoon feeling a bit tired still, but better overall. The trip was still a blur at that point, and even though I'd been gone for less than 3 days, it felt like a whole lot more than that.

Closing Thoughts