What a great trip. It was really fun to just get away for awhile, from work, from my computer, and everything else. I'm not a big camping person (although I've gone twice this year now officially), but I had an amazing time again and although I had a sore neck from sleeping on the ground without enough cushion (and was super-stuffed-up nearly every morning), I'd do it all again in a heartbeat. Not only did I have a great time talking and hanging out with good friends, but I got to know some people better that I didn't feel like I knew as well and everyone got along the entire time. Hopefully, we'll do it again sometime. As a closer, I'm providing some top lists (mainly for the amusement of those who were on the trip, although others may find humour in the oddities as well).

Top 10 things overheard on the trip

10. "Oh don't worry, Aaron will eat it."
9. "I'm charming, I'm dashing, I'm rental car bashing."
8. "I see London, I see France."
7. "I think your perversity is rubbing off on us."
6. "I'm cutting you off."
5. "Join the 10-pounds lighter club."
4. "Get onto the bus!" (reference to number 1 musical selection, song #5).
3. "What are you eating under there?" Reply: "Underwear?"
2. "That's _so_ W.T."
1. "Achooo!" (the sound of a sneeze)

Top 5 things consumed on the trip

5. Arg! Dr. Migillicutty's
4. Granola Bars
3. Noodles! Noodles!
2. Beans, beans, the magical fruit
1. GORP!

Top 5 musical selections on the trip

5. VNV Nation - Empires
4. New Order - Best Of
3. Beastie Boys - Check Your Head
2. Senor Coconut - El Baile Aleman (Cha-Cha and Meringue covers of Kraftwerk!)
1. Soul Coughing - Ruby Vroom (the most oft-quoted album on the trip by far)

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