Day 3:
Everyone rised a little slower than normal, as it was quite cold out in the morning still, and there was tons of condensation on our tents. We had to lay them all out in the sun as we packed the van back up and ate some scraps of breakfast in the morning.

We decided that we could all last until Boulder, so we drove back out of the mountains, through Nederland again, and straight for Pearl Street and some good eating for brunch (since it was already closing in on noon by this time). At the advice of Kip, we ate at a place called "Poor Craig's" on the infamous Pearl Street and had some mighty fine food and abused their indoor plumbing.

After we finished eating, we decided to just walk around the town for awhile, so we cruised Pearl Street and hit some more outdoor shops, the excellent bookstore/coffeehouse Trident, and numerous music stores (I did, at least). At about 4 in the afternoon, we all re-convened in front of the Fox Theater and decided to head back to the edge of town and check into our motel.

With two rooms split between 6 people, we nearly all had our own beds and two full bathrooms and showers. Since we'd been walking around all day, we just sort of chilled out for awhile and watched bits of Star Wars on the television ("Only The Master Of Evil, Darth!") before heading out to the park.

The weather was exceptional for the whole trip, and the afternoon in the park was no different. We had three frisbees flying amongst the 6 of us and after about an hour of throwing the discs around, our group was joined by a couple kids who wanted to play with us. We obliged (they were darn cute) and they threw the discs around with us for about another hour, until finally we started getting ready to leave. I managed to get a picture of one of them before we left.

After driving around and seeing a few more of the sights, we went back to the hotel and everyone showered for the first time in 3 days, then we headed back downtown to a Nepalise restaurant we'd seen earlier while walking around. I'd never eaten Nepalise food before, and it was quite a tasty meal in a long line of tasty meals on the trip. It was also here that Kip took pictures of me taking pictures and I ended up looking rather silly in both.

After dinner, we got some ice cream, then Andrew rode a rabbit, Angie rode a snail, and Aimee rode a frog. To close out the riding adventures, we all hopped on a beaver.

Day 4