The trip was an amazing time for me and I got to see several sights that I think are severely underlooked in terms of natural beauty in the United States. It was great to see friends from the college era again, as well as meeting a couple interesting new people. Hopefully we can do it all again sometime. As a closer, I'm providing some top 5 lists (mainly for the amusement of those who were on the trip, although you may find some of these humorous as well).

Top 5 things heard on the trip

5. "What are you doing?" (said in best Arnold Schwarzeneggar voice)
4. "Damn, it's early."
3. "Had to twist one off."
2. "That's amazing."
1. "OK, who farted?

Top 5 things consumed on the trip

5. Subway sandwiches
4. Fruit (cherries and apples)
3. Burritos
2. Granola bars
1. Lots of freaking water.

Top 5 musical selections on the trip

5. Sucka MC's
4. VNV Nation - Praise The Fallen
3. Paul Oakenfold - Tranceport
2. Prodigy Presents - Dirtchamber Volume 1
1. Boom Boom Satellites - Out Loud (this one will remind me of the trip every subsiquent time I listen to it now)

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