09/05/02 Update
I took the second down for awhile after getting a bit disenchanted with it, but an outside viewer started up a camera of their own and it found its way to me. Read all about it in Episode 11, and if you know someone who has a camera still, give it a nudge. Thanks.

As the title suggests, this project is based mainly around two simple ideas; photography and trust. Every month (or so), I'm going to send a disposable camera out to a different person that I've met through the web or been inspired by. The photo part of the title is easy to understand, but the 'trust' element actually comes into play even more often. I have to trust that I'll actually get my camera back, and everyone taking a picture on the roll has to trust that the people ahead of them will continue through completion.

Each of the cameras that I send out will have a theme of sorts that is open to the interpretation of the photographer. Instead of making them more direct, I've tried to come up with more narrative ones to allow people more creativity. The first person will take a picture with the camera, then pass it on to someone they trust for the next picture and so on until the film has run out. At that point (if it makes it that far), the camera will then be sent back to me and I will scan and post the entire roll of pictures in this section, along with the name, e-mail address, web site address, and comments of anyone who wishes for me to include such info.

My intentions behind starting "TPTP" are mainly ones of curiosity. I'm one of those people who enjoys looking through photo albums, even if they're people I don't know, and I'm excited to see what will come back. In an ideal world, I'll get back every camera I send out and each person who has taken a picture within the specific rolls will have sort of an unspoken link with the others involved. Not only that, but if it works (and I think that it can), it will help to give me back just a little more faith in humanity and that in itself will be a beautiful thing. If you have comments or ideas for themes, I'd love to hear them. Oh, and if you want to read even more of my thoughts about it, go here.here's an essay I wrote