Episode 2

Inaugural Photographer: Jason Kottke
Starting City: Minneapolis, Minnesota USA
Start Date: September 5th, 2000
Theme: "what's the word?"

05.30.01The globetrotting camera is careening around Osaka and then soon on its way to Stockholm.
04.08.01Another camera moving to a different continent and country. Passed along to Colin Doyle in Japan.
01.29.01Slow and steady wins the race to Joe.
12.01.00The county-hopping camera has now moved onto St. Louis and Eric.
10.09.00The camera has moved along to newly married (congratulations!!) Matt.
09.28.00After a small hijack (just wait and you'll see), the camera has been passed on to Paul.
09.25.00The camera moved from the midwest to the west coast and is now in the hands of Meg.