Episode 1

Inaugural Photographer: Derek Powazek
Starting City: San Francisco, California USA
Start Date: August 14th, 2000
Theme: "oh, so that's why you're smiling..."

11.25.01Zigzagging across the country, the camera has landed in the hands of John in Olympia, Washington.
12.27.00Stacking up the frequent mover miles, the camera has moved from Austin, Texas to Faith of Brooklyn, New York.
10.25.00Passed to either Jon and/or Sharon. I guess we'll see... :)
09.25.00Movin' right along to Jeremy Bushnell of Invisible City Productions.
09.17.00Passed on to Judith of Calamondin.
09.13.00Camera went from Lance to Leslie Harpold of Hoopla.com and is now in the hands of Heather Champ of Harrumph! I'm stoked.
08.18.00Word from Derek that the camera has been passed on to Lance Arthur of Glassdog.