The Chosen 21 and their Show Names
The numbers coincide with the frame number of the photo that I took and the titles are ones I came up with to inject a bit of humor and/or whatever else into things (warning, some of these link to other sections within my site, just click the 'back' button on your browser to get back to this page).

number 26 or "so then this one glowstick says to the other..."

number 30 or "the reason they're like this is because they wouldn't hold still"

number 63 or "if i could fly or swim i wouldn't be so scared"

number 106 or "he's not evil, he's my friend"

number 125 or "sitting somewhere between the sand and the sky"

number 129 or "floating chair and wild hair: a self portrait"

number 151 or "the reality of this situation isn't lost on me"

number 230 or "land of rolling hills and really no hills at all"

number 262 or "i stared at it too long and it melted my eyeballs"

number 264 or "it went through the forest going boing boing boing"

number 275 or "they design these things to make you crazy"

number 283 or "night vision goggles on a squirrel"

number 323 or "i tried to write in the night with light"

number 344 or "it looked like a demon portal but it was probably just lake effect"

number 368 or "godspeed you black emperor: live at the metro 10.07.00"

number 404 or "everyone that sees this picture thinks it's lame"

number 421 or "standing in a doorway after pinball and a walk"

number 478 or "reds create the most artifacts when saving for the web"

number 508 or "we spun until out heads flew off"

number 523 or "everybody wants to be iconic"

number 531 or "they resented it's presence there, but did nothing except float by"

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