Year 2002
October Archive (sunsets, Four Tet, and other random shiz)
August Archive (some concert photos and others)
July Archive (farm pictures and a morning window shot)
May Archive (lots of random including best-of-missed oldies)
April Archive (back again with more night stuff and other random bits)
February Archive (6 pictures of night architecture)

Year 2001
December Archive (holidays and animals)
November Archive (blue skies, an old sign, and a couple other things)
October Archive (some trees, a sunset, two portraits and a bowling alley)
September Archive (slow month with a couple light photos and two other randoms)
August Archive (post-month hiatus with double exposures and other random stuff)
June Archive (along the work bike route and wicked sunsets)
May Archive (magnolias, weird signs, portraits, and a llama!)
April Archive (barns, cats, bands, and other random stuff)
March Archive (some landscapes and lots of SXSW 2001)
February Archive (some winter, some blue sky, some apartment shots)
January Archive (my car in a ditch, sunsets, and random portraits)

Year 2000
December Archive (a slim batch due to my show, but still fun)
November Archive (big variety month including the introduction of the photoblaster)
October Archive (more double-exposures and other random assorted wackiness)
September Archive (double-exposures and some minimal shots for good measure)
August Archive (the double-exposures keep comin' at ya!)
July Archive (portraits, some landscapes, and the beginning of double-exposure madness)
June Archive (portraits galore in mind bending colours!)
May Archive (blurry motion capture, a landscape, and two portraits)