The Window

Knowing that there would be quite a bit of cleaning to do before and after I moved in, I went ahead and decided to go ahead with the apartment in the old house. The old man that had lived in the place before me had died several months earlier, but his family didn't have room to take his things or time enough to have an auction, so they had simply kept renting out the place for almost half a year as nothing more than a storage unit.

At first the idea of moving into a place where someone had died creeped me out, but the landlord assured me that the man hadn't actually died in the apartment. He had gotten sick almost a year before he died and spent the last half of that time in an extended care facility. It was there that he had finally passed, so in actuality nobody had been living in the apartment for the last year. When the family finally came to retrieve his things, they loaded things quickly and didn't exactly put much time into cleaning the place. Although the landlord had come in and given everything the once-over, I could still see large cobwebs in the upper corners of almost every room, plus piles of dust everywhere and floors that needed some definite scrubbing. I didn't actually mind having to clean, and he said that he'd waive my deposit because of the shape that the place was in. Fair enough.