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There Are Always Questions

Jim White
Wrong Eyed Jesus!
(Luaka-Bop / Warner Bros)

I've had this album for awhile now, but I kind of re-discovered it the other day and I felt like writing about it. The full title of the disc is actually The Mysterious Tale Of How I Shouted Wrong Eyed Jesus!, and it will probably make more sense once I explain a little more about the album. The title is taken from a short story written by White that fills almost the entire album sleeve. Instead of containing lyrics or a bunch of pictures, it's this true short story that really sets the mood for the songs on the album.

Like the story, most of the songs are fairly dark in theme and contain some sort of religious undertones. White's mix of folk, rock, and country provides the perfect musical backdrop to the songs. Whether it is the questioning "Book Of Angels," the creepy "Perfect Day To Chase Tornados," or the funny "When Jesus Gets A Brand New Name," the songs come across as interesting and thoughtful tales. The eleven songs make up a sort of almost southern gothic set to music. The disc also features Joe Henry and Victoria Williams singing backup. Overall, it's a very interesting listen, even though it probably won't get any radio airtime (actually, I guess that's how it usually works). David Byrne knew what he was doing when he signed this guy to his label.

Rating: 7