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Lets Play House

Various Artists
Moonshine Mixed Volume 2

This is kind of a funny concept, as Moonshine as a label is probably more known for it's mix discs and compilations rather than it's individual artists. It is, however, building a name for itself in the area of original artist material, though, and that's where this disc comes into play. The 12 songs here add up to a mixed compilation of all the biggest singles of original music released by artists on the Moonshine label last year. It's the premiere label mix for those who maybe didn't get a chance to hear the label artists on their original 12" releases. Still with me?

While the disc sidesteps into a bit of trancey material and even a smidge of drum and bass, the main focus here is housey sort of material. One of the cool things about the disc is that almost all of the songs appear in remixed form (by the likes of big-name artists Crystal Method and Uberzone). Label stalwart Keoki is featured on a couple tracks, as well as up-an-comers Cirrus and Top Kat. While a fair amount of the music isn't very inventive at all, if you're a fan of the genre or the label there's a lot of music on the disc. It also serves its purpose well and provides a great overview of the original music that's coming out on the label.

Rating: 6