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Rock The Funky Beat

Various Artists
Big Dirty Beats

Although the "electronica" revolution didn't exactly take off as much as everyone had planned, there was a certain segment of it that has fared pretty well. Although the term "Big Beats" describes a fairly particular sound, well-knowns like the Prodigy, , Fatboy Slim, and the Chemical Brothers have been named as instigators. Other up-and-coming groups like the Propellerheads, Junkie XL, and Bentley Rhythym Ace have also been thrown into the category. With a blend of fat beats (what else?), guitar samples, and frenetic energy, it's a natural for the dance floor or anywhere else that needs a boost.

Leave it to Moonshine (probably the best electronic label this side of the Atlantic) to harness a strong group of songs and role with it. With tracks by Uberzone, Bassbin Twins, and Monkey Mafia, Big Dirty Beats is both a great sampler of the genre, as well as a good place to hear exclusive mixes by Fatboy Slim and Hardhop. For the most part, it's loud, silly music, but with it's blend of electronic, hip-hop and old fashioned riffs, it's a style that's bound to have a broad appeal. As the title suggests, this one packs a nice thump, and will definitely instigate booty shaking when played.

Rating: 6.5