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Nice Monotony Is Still Monotony

Various Artists
Logical Progression 2
(Good Looking/FFRR)

Having heard the first 2-CD set of this series, I was really stoked to see that there was a second volume of the music coming out. After giving it a thorough listen, though, I didn't feel like it had done very much for me. One thing that is different about this set is that it is compiled by a different artists. Whereas LTJ Bukem took the reigns on the original, an artist named Blame has compiled this one. What remains is a 2-CD set that is quite different than the first, but not very exciting as a whole.

The first disc of the set is mixed together and features vocals by MC Conrad and DRS. The music skirts along behind them as they rap along about reaching a higher trancendence and various variations on that theme. The vocals aren't annoying in the fact that they are there, but they instead become a sort of hinderance to the disc because of their repetetiveness. Instead of changing speed or tone or anything else, the duo simply spits out lyrics at about the same rate throughout, with the same echoing effect each time. The second disc doesn't hold much more excitement. Most of the songs move along at the same rate, and there really isn't anything too exciting about any song in particular. There are tracks by artists such as Chameleon, LTJ Bukem, and Source Direct, but there really aren't any outstanding tracks. For the most part, the 2 discs tend to drone on. If you like smooth drum and bass with no hitches, you might want to check it out. I guess I tend to favor those who fuck up the mix a bit more, though.

Rating: 5.5