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Hopped Up On Goofballs

Various Artists
Happy2BHardcore Volume 4

Eating ice cream too fast sometimes gives you a headache. Devouring a big load of chocolate or some other kind of candy will often make your teeth hurt. It's almost a basic assumption that at some point, you'll eat way too many sweets and get a stomach ache. Happy2BHardcore Volume 4 is therefore designed for those people out there who have either an iron-clad stomach, an almost strange ability not to get headaches, and an overwhelming desire to hear lots of high energy dance music. I'm not saying that this is a bad record by any means, but sometimes it is best to pace yourself. For instance, if you own all four volumes of this series, you're either constantly hopped-up on goofballs or you're the most bubbly person in the world.

OK, now that I've gotten that all out in the air, this disc is basically more of what you've come to expect from the series. Beats per minute linger in the 180-200 range and there are singing divas and spastic piano solos everywhere you turn. The disc starts off with a rather fun track called "Space Odyssey" by Vinylgroover and Trixxy that rips the theme from 2001 and speeds it up to fit with the full-on pumping assault of beats. From there, the disc goes into a couple tracks with light pretty vocals before getting into a little harder groove with "All That You See And Hear" by Elevate.

The highlight of the entire album arrives in the form of "John Gotti's Revenge" by Vinylgroover and Trixxy. Driven by another sped-up movie sample (from an old mob movie), the track absolutely tears things loose with several huge builds before it slams into action. Even the biggest electronic music snob in the world would have a hard time keeping still with this one. Following quickly is the rave favorite "Raver's Anthem" by Sy & Unknown featuring a sing-along rap by MC Storm. The album sort of settles into the speedy lockmode after that, and although it's fun and light, it only holds your attention so long before your ears ache for something a little less light and happy (of course, it might be just the thing you're looking for if you've just consumed 2 liters of kool-aid).

In the end, I have to give it the same rating as the first volume of the series simply because the genre can only expand so far before doubling back on itself. Like the first release, there are a couple tracks that will completely slay nearly any listener, while the others provide plenty of filler for all those kids who forgot to take their Ritalin. If you're looking for a taste of what the genre has to offer, I'd suggest either.

Rating: 5.75