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Slick Instrumentals

Trading With The Enemy

Tuatara is a group that should be good, simply because of the people that make it up. In this 2nd album incarnation, the lineup includes Peter Buck (REM), Barrett Martin (ex Screaming Trees), Skerik (Critters Buggin), Justin Harwood, and Steve Berlin (and that's not even everyone). Probably about the best way to describe the group is by calling it a big jam session that a bunch of friends (and very talented musicians at that) put together and decided to record. The music itself sounds very unlike any of the artists respective groups, but it very excellent in it's own right.

The styles of music on the album range from minimal and pretty ("Angel and the Ass") to reved-up straight-out jam rock ("Afterburner"). While their last album sounded more like it all belonged in a smoky lounge, Trading With The Enemy (although it has it's moments of dark, loungy feel) branches out much more than their previous effort Breaking The Ethers. This could be because more people are involved, or could simply be the evolution of the ever-evolving group that is Tuatara. I for one hope that they keep the group going for some time longer.

Rating: 7