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Post Rock Shmost Rock

(Thrill Jockey)

Tortoise is a band who most people either really like, or really hate, with not many who fall in-between. Made up of several different classically trained musicians with super-eclectic tastes, they have quite a talent for creating catchy pieces. The problem that a lot of people have with the group, however, is that their songs just don't move them. This is an argument that I can easily understand, even though I don't happen to agree with it. While they never rock hard, the group does manage to create some very intricate pieces and their power really lies in their subtlety.

As an album, TNT continues along the same vein as their last album Millions Now Living Will Never Die. Clocking in at just under 65 minutes, it's definitely their longest to date, and it finds the group experimenting even more with a sort of pseudo western "The Equator" and electronic sounds ("Jetty" and "Everglade"). If you've liked their past work, you definitely won't go wrong here.

Rating: 7.5