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Greatest Disappointment

Stars Of Aviation
Greatest Disappointment EP
(Grandpa Records)

Maybe it's just a coincidence that I've gotten EPs lately by UK groups that have mentioned Sigur Ros as a reference for their sound (the other being Saso's Warmed Up), but it also could simply be because the group set off something in people creating music as well as those writing about it and listening to it. I'll be the first to admit that it's not the worst thing in the world either, especially if we keep getting music like that created by Stars of Aviation.

Clocking in at just under 20 minutes, the Greatest Disappointment EP isn't exactly a long release, but it does show a ton of promise for the group. In addition to the aforementioned group, I'd say that the group also pulls in some sounds that remind one of Radiohead or the Delgados.

The first track "Inclined To Fall" is actually a good indication of the typical sound of the group. With a nice piano backdrop and some droning guitars and delicate percussion, the instrumentation provides a nice backdrop to the soft vocals. The track eventually builds very slightly, but never to a loud level, mainly working a nice subtle edge with things. That sort of atmospheric sound continues on the next track "Greatest Disappointment Of The Year" with a droning keyboard and a quiet guitar melody that slowly builds itself up around some more soft percussion.

If any track draws comparison to Sigur Ros, it would be the third track "You Buried Your Face," with falsetto vocals and some hi-hat percussion that sounds almost like a drum machine before building up with some jangling guitars. The final track is much different than the previous 3, as it takes on a pretty much straightforward British rock sound that recalls early Blur. It's a fun cap on the end of the album and doesn't throw things off too much considering how much different it is. Like a good EP is supposed to do, the 4 tracks intrigue enough that I'll keep an eye out for the group and I'd definitely recommend them if you like any of the above artists (although don't expect the dreamy atmospherics of Sigur Ros).

Rating: 7.25