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6 Peace EP

Schneider TM
6 Peace EP

After making a fairly dramatic shift in sound on last years Zoomer, Dirk Dresselhaus is back with another quick bite on this limited edition EP comprised of remixes, videos, and other random tracks to fill things out. It's partially to coincide with his first ever American tour, and partially to hopefully make him known to a few more people for a relatively cheap price.

The disc opens with the album version of "Reality Check" from Zoomer, which is a great move. Not only is the track one of the best ones from the full length, but the springy feel of it kicks the disc off with a boost and drops right at the perfect time of year with spring starting to finally roll around. Not to be left out, he includes a reconstructed version of "Frogtoise" from the same album called "Frogstears" in which he turns the track into sort of a clip-hop track with a slight country-feel that jangles along with a loping beat, twangy guitars, and some harmonica. In my opinion, it's even better than the original.

"Fruktos" is also a remix of "Frogtoise," and although it offers a slightly new flavor (deconstructed glitch), it (along with the following, overlong track of "Chotto Matte") drags down the middle of the disc just a slight bit. On the other side of things, the beautiful cover of The Smiths "There Is A Light That Never Goes Out" (called "Light 3000") with Kpt.michigan is stunning, with warm, juicy layers of pads, fluttering glitchwork, and vocodored vocals that still manage to have some emotive qualities.

The disc closes out with a slammin' remix of "Reality Check" by Mogwai and David Jack, and it takes the original track and turns it from light electro-pop to thumpin electro-spasm as snare bursts fly out in all directions and rich production fills it out. Also included on the disc are videos to both "Frogtoise" (a silly animated flick) and "Reality Check" (in which egghead Dresselhaus directs the world via lawnchair and remote control). In the end, it's a great little EP, and provided you don't have the import releases that the other tracks were culled from, it's well worth having if you were a fan of his last album and want a bit more to tide you over.

Rating: 7.5